Tuesday, September 11, 2018

An evening at the Fulton County Fair

That face!

Fulton County is a large agricultural area of NW Ohio, and the county fair is very popular.  Several of my sisters go every year, so we made plans to go with Diane and Dan on Tuesday after work.

The Fulton County Fair has been going on for many years,


and there are lots of participants.  We were amazed by the number of people camping onsite!

Plenty of camping at the fairground

There are still a few historic buildings around.

Historic Buildings

Sherriff's Office

Tuesday was a very hot day, and it was still pretty warm and humid when we arrived at the fair . . . but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the sights, the sounds . . . and the food!  Tom and I actually took it a little easy on the food part – we had our blood tests for our annual checkups on Thursday so didn’t want to skew the results too much – but we still enjoyed pork BBQ sandwiches and fair fries for dinner, and milkshakes later for dessert!

In between we walked around and looked at all the animals – my favorite part of the fair!

There were sheep,


including this one going for a walk,

Walking her sheep



and bunnies.

He looks suspicious

Then there were the pigs,

Looks like he's in jail!

-- SO CUTE --

Peaceful sleep!

and the cows . . . lots and lots of cows!

Giant Dairy Cow

There were steers, like this Grand Champion,

Grand Champion Steer

and these big guys . . . I’ve never seen so many furry cows!

A couple of big guys!

So many handsome cows . . . I never realized that bland white ones could also be cattle . . . I thought they were only dairy cows.

Cattle Barn

Another Grand Champion

I had to take a picture of the Doodlebugs – that’s one of Casey’s nicknames!

More dairy steers . . .

pretty cows

These guys were getting a cooling shower!

Getting cooled off

The “Tom pose” . . .

Who's touching me!?!

Relaxing in the heat!

Just relaxing

Next up the dairy barn – there was a milking demo going on when we got there.

Milking demo

New babies . . .

1-month-old calf

Baby calves

and, Oh, those faces!

Fuzzy ears

Look at that face!

The cows are definitely my favorites!!

Leaving the cows, we made our way through the midway,

Night at the Fair

where we got our milkshakes and Dan got his elephant ear, and we picked up some donuts from the Music Boosters to take home with us.

On the way back toward the front of the fairgrounds, we walked through a couple of the horse barns – they were getting ready for costume night!

In the horse barn

Lots of ribbons

So pretty!

Pretty braids

That was it for us . . . we’d seen all that we wanted to see, ate what we wanted to eat, and we were all still melting, so it was time to go home.  It was a fun evening, though . . . we love a good county fair!

Meanwhile in Virginia . . . Nicolas is preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Florence . . . keep him in your prayers!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Watching our Spartan in action–my first college football game

Bryce in action!

That’s Bryce out there!  His first clinical rotation in Athletic Training is with the football team – his dream come true!

Bryce and the Athletic Training Team, as well as the football team, worked really hard during their pre-season fall camp, and they were ready for their big home opener against Utah State.

The Athletic Training Team took group pictures in the stadium, and Bryce sent me one.  He’s thrilled to be part of this team, and it’s such a great learning experience for him!

Athletic Training Team - Football

He’s allowed 2 guest tickets for each game, so Tom and I got to go to this first game.  I’ve never been to a college football game before, let alone one in the Big 10, so I was pretty excited . . . plus there was the potential of seeing Bryce on the field, so that was extra exciting!

Hannah’s parents are season ticket holders at MSU, so they were going, as well, and we were able to carpool with them.  That was a huge relief, since we had no idea what the parking situation was going to be, or where we had to go once we got there!

Tari planned a tailgate, and we got there a couple hours before gametime.  There were LOTS of people tailgating, but we found a nice shady spot along the Red Cedar River, next to the structure where they have their parking pass.

Tailgate Area

I’ve never seen so much green & white in one place in my life!!  Tom was decked out in his Spartan gear, but I don’t have any . . . what’s up with that!?!  I’ll fix that before the next game!

REady for the big game!

We had a nice time, and Hannah stopped by with a few of her friends and Bryce’s roommates.  The kids enjoyed the food – they’re all in apartments this year and responsible for cooking for themselves . . . so they’re not going to refuse a free meal!  They had to stand in line to get decent seats in the student section, so they headed into the stadium before we did, but we weren’t far behind.

We packed up all the tailgate stuff and put it back in the car, then walked over to the stadium.  They have a great parking location, and it was only about a 10 minute walk to the stadium, so that was really nice.

We found the “Spartan Players Guests” entrance (that’s pretty cool!) and picked up our tickets.  Our seats were in the end zone, in row TWO . . . wow – we had a great view, when they were at our end of the field!

Our view

Bryce was over on the sideline somewhere, but we couldn’t find him in that mass of people!

Crowded sideline

I knew he was assigned to the defense, and he said that he would be out on the field during their time-outs.  So, as long as I could keep track of which team had the ball, I knew when to look for him!

My best view of Bryce

There he is – we could spot him when he was out there, but I didn’t get very good pictures with my phone!

Thankfully, Paul & Tari are on the 30 yard line, and he was often right in front of them, so she got some better pictures for me!


Bryce the Athletic Trainer


The section we were sitting in was right next to the band, which was really loud . . . they put on a really good show, though!

Halftime Show


The game was a little closer than it was supposed to be, and Utah tied it up with 5 minutes left . . . that made it pretty exciting, and kept most people there until the very end!

We had a great view at our end of the field . . .

Some plays were right in front of us

for the game, as well as the dance team, cheer team and Sparty . . .


Frisbee-catching Sparty Dog

and the Drum Line!


It was a very exciting game, and we had a lot of fun,


and the Spartans pulled off a win in the last couple minutes!

Enjoying the game!

At the end of the game, the team gathers in the corner by the band and student section . . . while the Athletic Training Team clean up the equipment!

Band and Student Section

Celebrating victory!

Lots of excitement after the first win, spilling out of the stadium, too!

Spartan Stadium

We had a great time at the tailgate, and at the game . . . and we’re looking forward to going again . . . next time I’m taking my regular camera and zoom lens, though!! Gotta get some good pictures of my boy!