Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Continuing to plan

Well, we had this Realtor over on Saturday, and he is very excited about marketing our home - and getting us excited, too! He was there for over 3 hours, walking around the house and talking to us. He says it's ready to show as is, but there are a few items that we want to fix up - painting my sewing room and our master bedroom, straightening the library (might as well start gettting rid of some of those books now - they won't go in the 5er!), and re-staining our front door. All managable projects that we should be able to finish up before spring.

The extended families are still trying to get their heads around the idea of us hitting the road, but the more we talk about it, the less "strange" it begins to sound to them . . . so, I guess we just keep talking about it! Tom's parents have a computer and internet access and they are getting better at using it; I just have to get my mom comfortable with the idea of communicating with us online!

The boys are back in school today, following their "winter break" 4-day weekend. Our agenda for the week includes more realtor meetings - the guy from Saturday is bringing back a couple of colleagues for a 2nd opinion, and one of his competitors is coming over on Thursday to meet with us. In the current market, we want the realtor who is going to work the hardest for us and provide the best value for our money - who wouldn't?! I've got painting on my agenda for this weekend. I should be able to get the sewing room done - it'll be easy; hardly any furniture to move, and maybe get a start on the bedroom.

That's about it - think SPRING!

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