Monday, August 16, 2010

A quilt, a contest, home showings and homeschool

So much for one topic per blog . . . LOL :)

It's been a busy week around here!  We arrived home from Empire to find that somebody wanted to schedule a showing of our home (our 1st this year -- yeah!!).  Good thing we had just gotten home from vacation!  I'm pretty particular about having everything CLEAN before we leave the house, and we hadn't been home long enough to mess it back up!!  We heard that that person (the wife came by herself) liked it enough to want to return with the husband later this week -- yeah!!  In the meantime, we had another call for a showing.  Just got that feedback this morning, and they said it was their favorite of the 5 homes they saw . . . that's good news!

OK, so things are looking up in the "home sale" area (Thanks, St. Joseph!) . . . hopefully one of these may turn into a serious prospect!

Other than keeping the house clean, I've been trying to get the boys ready for our first year of homeschooling.  I've ordered all of our curriculums, and they are slowing arriving in the mail -- I'm excited; I hope they are, too!  We're going to slowly phase into school this year . . . we started math today (so much of the beginning stuff is review), and are planning on getting the 1st chapter out of the way by Labor Day.  Nicolas' online biology class starts next Wednesday, and we'll probably do the Spanish placement exercises next week, too.  Then, after Labor Day, we'll get the rest of it started.  Right now, I'm working out a schedule, so we can effectively juggle computer-time, mom-time, and whatever other time we need!

I've also spent some time sewing, and finally finished my "Between Charming Friends" quilt-along quilt . . . well, at least the top is done.  I'm going to have it machine-quilted, so that will be a little while before it's done.  I think it turned out really cute, though, and will make a nice addition to the RV!


I'm also working on a "Turning Twenty" quilt -- queen-size -- for the bed in the RV.  That goes really fast, so I should have it done soon, and can drop both off to the longarm quilter at the same time.

Several quilt bloggers out there have won these Accuquilt cutting machines that look really cool and make short work of cutting out multiple pieces of fabric!  In fact, Karen over at "Sew Many Ways" is having a give-away of one, so I just might win one, too!!


  1. Marci and Tom - I sent you an email a few days ago. If you're game for meeting up on Friday for breakfast/brunch/lunch, please let us know. We'd love to meet you. Take care!!

  2. Love your quilt - great job! It will definitely brighten up the RV!! Thanks for joining us in the fun!

  3. We are VERY excited to hear that you had a showing of your home and that someone may be interested in it!

    Sounds like you are all prepared and excited to get on the road for good!

    You have a beautiful rig. You and your family will have endless memories to cherish forever.

    Best wishes,
    The Freely Living Life Family


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