Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Camping


Memorial Day

Downtown Pentwater was all decked out with flags for Memorial Day

It seemed to rain non-stop all week at home, but we were still looking forward to getting out for the weekend.  We loaded up the camper in the rain, hitched up in the rain, and drove a good part of the way in the rain!  By the time we got all the way to the west coast of Michigan, though, and made the turn to the north, we were out of the rain and starting to see blue skies ahead.

Sure enough, we arrived at the Silver Creek RV Resort under blue skies and sunshine, and got settled into our site on the corner of Coyote Lane.

Our site

Nice sites – wide concrete pads, nice grass, and decent spacing between sites

Aaahhh . . . maybe we have a shot at a nice weekend!

Friday morning was cool, but sunny, and we decided to take a little drive into Pentwater and Ludington to do a little shopping and fill the truck up with diesel.  We visited several little shops in Pentwater, including The Beachnut -- where we couldn’t resist their honey roasted pecans and almonds; the Bitchen Kitchen – lots of cool kitchen gadgets, and the Cosmic Candy Company – our favorite – where we stocked up on vintage candy like Zotz, Poprocks, Slap Sticks, Now & Laters, and candy cigarettes!


Pentwater is on a little inlet off Lake Michigan, and is a pretty little town


Officially the start of summer, we saw several boats going into the water

Our shopping finished, we filled the truck with diesel for $3.88/gallon at Meijer (not bad!), and headed back to the campground.  We stopped on the way back for some firewood, and Tom let Nick drive the rest of the way back!  He’s 2/3 of the way through Driver’s Ed now, and he’s allowed to drive with us in the vehicle!  Big step!

After dinner, we took a walk around the campground, and Tom saw somebody that he swore he knew from somewhere, but couldn’t figure out where.  That’s not an uncommon occurrence, so I tend to just ignore him, but later the same guy was walking around and he stopped at our camper because he thought he recognized us, as well!  As it turned out, it was the Dad of one of the boys that Bryce played basketball with this past winter!  We talked for quite a while, and the boys got together to play basketball and ride bikes – Bryce was really glad to have a friend to hang out with!

We had some friends coming to camp with us this weekend, so we got the fire going, and soon they arrived.  It was a nice night for a fire, and the kids played cards for awhile before going inside to watch a movie.

Playing Cards

Bryce is still in his card-playing mode!


Getting the fire going!

We had a great time getting caught-up, and sat out by the fire until after midnight – that’s a late night for us!  It’s great to be camping again!

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  1. Looks like you've got a great spot for camping. Sure hope the weather continues to cooperate so you can really enjoy the rest of the long weekend.


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