Sunday, August 14, 2011

Congratulations, Kelly & Josh

Last weekend was my niece, Kelly’s wedding.  She and her fiancé, Josh, celebrated their wedding at home with friends and family.


Kelly comes down the “aisle” with her Dad . . .

The weathermen were talking about rain, but we ended up with a beautiful afternoon, although a bit hot!


Kelly and Josh say their vows surrounded by friends and family


The happy couple


Parents of the bride . . . my sister, Deby, and brother-in-law, Charlie


Josh just acquired a bunch of new aunts . . . what did he get himself into!!??!!


Grandma with her new Grandson-in-law

With all the pictures finished, everybody headed to the reception.  The bride and groom make their entrance . . .


With the ceremony complete, everybody was ready to relax and enjoy themselves.  Nicolas danced with his cousin,


while their little cousin, Kailyn, kept Bryce busy!


Bryce almost danced when his Aunt Deby dragged him out on the dance floor!


There was no shortage of delicious food at the reception . . . from the “candy bar” which is the trend at weddings now,


The kids all loved the candy bar . . . the “big kids” too!

to the italian buffet, and the dessert buffet which had something for every taste . . . cakes, cookies, cheesecake, brownies . . .


The guys kept the bartender busy all night,


and the DJ kept the dance floor full!  Tom and I joined all the other married couples on the dance floor for the Anniversary Dance, but we were sent away fairly early, with only 19 years under our belts.  The longest-married couple in the room were my sister, Diane, and brother-in-law, Danny at 39 years!!


Diane and Danny can’t believe they’ve been married longer than anyone else in the room!

It was a really nice wedding, and everyone enjoyed themselves!  Congratulations to Kelly & Josh, and we wish them many years of love and happiness!

Back at home, Tom and I saw some deer in the front yard early one morning.  As we looked closer, we realized that it was 3 young bucks – we never see bucks!


We watched them for quite awhile, as they played in the front yard like puppies!


It was really cool to watch, and we’ve seen them quite a few more times this week.  The cooler weather must be bringing them out.

One last picture before I close out this post . . . we’ve had some stormy weather the last few days, and it’s made for some beautiful sunsets!


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  1. just a little slow..I have just now found your blog?..looks like I have some reading to do!!..
    nice wedding photos..looks like everyone had a great time!!!


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