Monday, January 30, 2012

Just another winter day



An early morning winter sunrise . . . 7:30am

Life around here has been pretty normal lately, without too much excitement.

The boys have basketball games every weekend,


and both of their teams are on winning streaks.  The games have been pretty exciting lately!

We’ve been having a fairly mild winter, where we seem to alternate between cold, snowy days followed by warmer-than-normal days when all the snow melts.  Currently, we have snow on the ground, but we’re supposed to have 40+ degree temperatures over the next couple of days.


About 10 minutes later . . . the sun is a little higher in the eastern sky.

Tom and I have been interviewing realtors for the last month or so, and we finally settled on somebody to sign a contract with.  We’re going with just a 3 month contract, though, and we’ll make a change if we don’t see progress in that time.  With just 2 years with Nicolas still at home, and four with Bryce, we need to get serious about selling our house this year.

Now that we’ve made the decision, we need to get busy this week and get the house cleaned up, because we’ll have a photographer and videographer scheduled for late this week or early next week!  So, that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few days . . . today I tackled my desk and the library.  It didn’t take long, and I can actually see the top of my desk now!


But life isn’t all work . . . three of my sisters and I are participating in a “mystery quilt” for 2012.  “Just Takes 2” is being hosted by 2 quilting blogs, and it promises to be quite an adventure!  The whole quilt takes just 2 fabrics – a color and a background.  I went with turquoise and brown, and I love the combination!  If you’re interested, you can follow our progress at Quiltin’ Dreams.


Just before the sun fully rises, the sky was a magnificent display of color!

Wish us luck as we put our house back on the market, and hopefully we’ll be able to hit the road this summer!


  1. We're keeping more than just our fingers crossed for you. All it takes is the right person to see it and your on the road again.

    It's about time.

  2. sending you good thoughts..hope the house sells quickly!!

  3. We both wish you the best. There is someone out there that wants your house...they don't know it yet but they will as soon as they see it...

    Joe and Sherri

  4. I can't wait to explore your blog more. I came across you while searching for something totally different and was RV dreams. I clicked on your link and see that you are a quilter. I have just begun to enjoy that venture. I have just started a 3 one. I made 2 for my grandchildren for Christmas and they were the potato chip quilt which is very easy. Now I am doing an applique..with batiks. I don't like much having it done.
    I love to follow other rv'ers that are quilters.
    Good luck with your home selling..all in God's timing..


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