Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baseball season is underway!


Bryce’s team is the LSU Tigers . . . purple & gold, not green & white!

Bryce is playing baseball again this spring, and his team has gotten off to a slow start, with 2 losses so far.  We didn’t have high hopes for tonight’s game, as we drove toward the field with black clouds looming overhead!


The boys were just getting warmed up when the rain started, and soon it was pouring and they ran for shelter under the overhang of the bathhouse!  We hung out there for a few minutes while a couple of the coaches tracked the weather on their phones (what did we do before smart phones!?!). 

The rain only lasted a short time, and they were able to get the game started.  The first inning didn’t give us a good feeling as our first 3 batters resulted in 3 outs, and the opposition got a couple of runs on the board!  The 2nd inning was much better with our team getting 8 runs with no outs (mercy rule ended that half of the inning), and holding the other team at the 2 they already had.


Bryce is fast . . . and a good stealer!


Bryce sliding into home . . . and he was safe!!

With the rain out of the way, the sun finally came out and it turned into a pretty good night for baseball!


It was still a little chilly, but at least we were dry!

The next couple of innings continued to add runs to the scoreboard for our team, and they were doing a great job of holding off the the other team!  Bryce had a couple more at-bats, and made it home each time!



The game was limited to 2 hours, so they only finished 5 of the 7 innings, and ended with a score of 21 – 4!  Yea!!  They got their first win of the season!  Now, we’ll see if they can keep this momentum going!!

On the home front, we’ve been negotiating on & off with one buyer for the last month, and now we’re waiting for him to put his latest offer in writing.  Hopefully, he’ll get to a number we can live with, and we can get moving with our plans!  In the meantime, we’ve been talking to a new realtor and making tentative plans for getting the house back on the market if this doesn’t work out . . . I really hope we don’t need to go there!

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  1. looks like it was a great day for a ball game!..good luck with house numbers!..hope everything works out for you all!


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