Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Settling Into Our New Home

Our Campsite

The move out of the house was pretty quick, and we basically ended up just putting everything we thought we might need into the RV, at least temporarily, in a location where it wouldn’t move while we towed.

Of course, we probably brought too much, and we’ll continue to purge as we go along – LOL!  The big challenge for us – with 4 people in the RV – is staying organized and not letting it get too cluttered.  We have to remember to put things away when we’re done with them!

The main kitchen/living area is still pretty cluttered and disorganized (and we don’t even have recliners yet!!), but the master bedroom looks like home,

Master Bedroom

and Nicolas’ “Man Cave” is looking pretty good, too!

Man Cave

Tom and I are on vacation this week, so we’re not in a regular routine yet, but we have been trying to get some loose ends tied up from the move out of the house to the RV. 

On the Computer

Tom has been calling around for insurance – talking to our current provider, as well as GMAC, an agent that works out of General RV (a big RV dealer in MI), and Miller Insurance, who lots of RV-Dreamers use.  We’ve been learning a lot about insurance, total replacement cost, how much contents coverage we need, etc . . . more than we ever wanted to know!! 

I spent yesterday morning changing our address with various accounts, while the boys got started in school.  Their english classes started last week, we added math & history this week, and next week we’ll go to a full load.  We’re still working on establishing everybody’s “work space” in the RV – right now Nick is using the kitchen table, and Bryce is using my little coffee table that raises up to desk height.  It works pretty good, but I think I’m going to pick up a desk for Nick to use in the back.  I saw one in the Ikea catalog that will attach to the wall and folds down when not in use.  Of course, I’ll have to offset the added weight by taking something out!

It hasn’t all been work, though, and we enjoyed many of the Labor Day festivities here at the campground.  The sites are pretty roomy here,

Site 28

and we have nothing behind us, so the boys have plenty of room for cornhole and other games.


The weather has been great, so we’ve spent quite a bit of time at the pool! 

At the Pool

It was really crowded on the weekend,

Busy Pool

but after most people went home on Monday, we have it pretty much all to ourselves now!

Empty Pool

Even Casey is enjoying herself – getting lots of attention!!



  1. boy oh boy..miss a few posts and you are moved out of the house!..congrats on that big event!!!

    1. You really didn't miss many posts, considering it was less than 3 weeks from offer to closing!! We're loving our new life so far!! Thanks!

  2. Nice to see you guy's settling in. Sure lot's of fun and family time lies ahead. So happy for all of you. We certainly are very happy ourselves. Looking forward to following along as we both start our first year.

  3. The boys have grown so much! I hope the homeschooling works well. There's so much to visit to add to the reality of the history books. It's a fabulous lifestyle.


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