Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fun in Flagstaff

Flagstaff, Arizona

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day – the high in Phoenix was going to be in the 60s, but we wanted to see snow . . . so we drove north! 

As we travelled up I-17, climbing in elevation, we began to see snow on top of the mountain, and then alongside the road, too.



One of our goals for our trip to Flagstaff was to take some “snow pictures” for our Christmas card, so after lunch at Five Guys, we headed up the mountain to the Snow Bowl Ski Resort.

Driving up to the Snowbowl

There were  quite a few people there for early season skiing, and all the runs were open.



The Bowl

Chairlift Running










We scoped out places for pictures,

Test Photo #1

Test Photo #2

and enjoyed the scenery from the top of the mountain, before heading back down to Flagstaff.












On the way back, we stopped at a small park that was a popular spot for sledding and building snowmen.



Playing in the Woods

The boys thought it looked like a good place for a snowball fight!





Snowball Fight

Even Tom got into the action!



Our Lady of Guadelupe Chapel


Back in Flagstaff, we looked around for a church to go to mass at.  Our Lady of Guadalupe looked cute, but is only used for weddings now.

We found one with a 4:30 mass, so we had a couple hours to look around tow.  We stopped at the Visitor Center to find out the route for the Winterfest Light Parade that evening, and then walked through some of the downtown shops.


Apparently, Flagstaff has a “Pinecone Drop” on New Years Eve!

Counting down to the Pinecone Drop

After mass, we found a spot to park on a side street, and made our way to the beginning of the parade route to wait , along with the rest of the crowd.

Waiting for the parade to start

It was pretty cold with the sun down, and the wind was really whipping up!  We tried to find a spot out of the wind, but it didn’t work!

Soon enough, the parade started . . .

Here comes Santa Claus!

Light Parade











Nicolas liked this rescue vehicle!

Off-Road Ambulance

Lots of lights!

Antique Firetruck











The lights had to get their power from somewhere!

Portable Power

There were about 70 parade entries, but by the time we got to number 50,          DSC_0254









we were nearly completely frozen, so we headed inside to get some dinner and thaw out!  Bigfoot BBQ had been recommended to us, so we gave it a try.  We all had pulled pork sandwiches, and followed them up with apple cobbler with ice cream . . . we had warmed up by then!

After dinner, it was time for our 2-hour drive back to Lake Pleasant . . . and warmer temperatures!! Smile  It was a fun day, and we had our fill of the snow and cold . . . we’ll take 70 & sunny for the rest of the winter!


  1. Yep...I just got my fill of snow reading the blog;o)) Looks like a fun day, but colder than I could handle!! Thanks for taking me along from my warm motorhome:o))

  2. I hear ya about the snow and cold. It just keeps coming here in central Pennsylvania!

  3. That was quite the parade and we agree about the rescue vehicle.
    Having a meal seemed a great way to warm up but you defeated it by having the ice cream.
    If you get tired of the warm weather again just head back to Michigan and it will ease that feeling.
    Congratulations you finally made the listing on Hitchitch. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Looks great Marcia, what fun! Wish u were here. Enjiy! Love, tina

  5. Flag was our home from 1999-2004. Fun place .


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