Friday, May 9, 2014

Exploring California’s Central Coast

Central Coast

We had heard lots of good things about the central coast of California, and Pismo Beach in particular.  Between “Top Gear” episodes filmed here and lots of RV bloggers that visit the area, we knew it would be a good spot the check out the California central coast.

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort had good reviews, and offers a weekday “get 4 days for the price of 3” deal that offsets the narrowness of some of the sites.

We managed to get a nice long site on the outside edge of the park that was next to a play area, giving it a little extra width, too.

Site 384

The RV Park is very clean, with nice wide roads,


and beautiful facilities.

Beautiful Facilities


Heated Pool










Access to the beach is great,

Downtown Pismo Beach

and it’s just a short walk to the little downtown district of Pismo Beach.

Downtown Pismo Beach










Surfers at the beach

Building up the hill

My nephew, Jake, has lived in California for over 10 years now, and he’s currently working at a site in Pismo Beach – cleaning and treating water contaminated by oil.     DSC_0484


We met him for dinner today, and had a really nice visit.  It was good seeing you again, Jake!









California is beautiful right now, with all the flowers in bloom . . . and we saw plenty of them around town!
















The State Beach at Pismo Beach still allows vehicles on the beach (Nicolas and Bryce knew this!), so we took a drive to the state park beach to see if anybody was out there.  We didn’t really need to drive – our RV Park actually borders the state park beach . . . but the vehicle beach is a little further south.

Driving on Pismo Beach

There were a few people on the beach, but Tom wasn’t interested in taking our car out there . . . and it was so windy, we didn’t stay long!

See the sand blowing across the road?  Our legs were getting sand-blasted!     Getting sandblasted










Even with the winds, the sand was still warm!

Bryce playing in the sand

The sand is warm, though

We visited the little neighboring town of Arroyo Grande, where we found the resident roosters,

Roosters in Arroyo Grande




Elvis,          DSC_0178

and a swinging bridge.

Swinging Bridge

Crossing the swinging bridge


We walked around the little historic downtown area and visited a few shops before making our way back to Pismo Beach. 







Another day, we took a drive north on the Pacific Coast Highway through several small coastal towns, until we reached the beach known as Elephant Seal Beach.

Elephant Seal Beach

There’s a parking lot on the side of the highway, but the beach area is fenced off so that nobody can go down and bother the seals.  We stood and watched for a while – most of them were just resting, but there were a few playful ones, too.

Playful Pups


Hugging his buddy











They reminded us of dogs, the way they lay around on their backs or on their sides . . . so cute!

Awww . . . how cute!


Elephant Seals smiling











It was a beautiful drive along the coast, and the views were spectacular!

Central Coast

Morro Rock












Back at Pismo Beach, we’ve enjoyed some great sunsets over the Pacific Ocean the last couple of days!

Sunset_May 7th

Sunset_May 8th

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  1. Beautiful Photos!! You have made it to the "Left" Coast which is quite different from the East Coast. Enjoy!!


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