Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father’s Day Car Show

Father's Day Car Show


As we drove into Sequim for church on Sunday morning, there was a car show getting set up in a field on the side of the US-101. 

Tom and the boys thought that looked like a good Father’s Day activity!


The car show was sponsored by a local church (whose pastor grew up in Michigan, the son of a Ford guy!), and not only was there free admission, but there was also free lunch!

Nice Mustang











They were grilling hot dogs, and had a huge variety of baked goods . . . and Dad’s Rootbeer!


It wasn’t a huge car show, but they had some nice cars . . . and some unusual ones!

40 Ford


We recognized this lawnmower from the campground we were staying at!

Lifted Lawnmower

Jeepney from the Phillapines


We got our lunches, and walked through the rows of cars.  Nicolas found several that he liked,

Another nice Mustang!

Dodge Charger











and Bryce found a couple of nice VWs!

Bryce found a Bug!

VW Bus











It was a nice little car show, and the people from the church were very nice and welcoming.  Back at the RV Park, we started packing up so we’d be ready to leave on Monday. 

It was a good thing we did, too . . . because we woke up to rain in the morning!  It didn’t rain for too long, though, and we were able to get hitched up and make our way back to Brazel’s RV to finish up our warranty work.

Brazel's RV

We’re all set up for the week, where Bryce and I would stay while Tom and Nicolas travel back to Michigan.

Brazel's RV Park











Perfect Tree


It’s a nice little RV Park, very conveniently located for getting work done right at the campsite . . . and the price is certainly right . . . FREE!

We’re ready to get moving again, though . . . It’s time to start heading east towards Michigan!


  1. We stayed in a campground in Sequim. I remember it was the SUNNY side of the Pennisula;o))

  2. Hello Marci, It seems it really is a small world. I followed your blog last year while you were in CO near my daughter in Durango. This year you have travelled to Sequim where my nephew and his family live. My nephew is a helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard and is stationed near by. I'm quite jealous -- I hope to get out to visit them before they move on to their next duty station. Enjoying your blog.

    1. Thanks! From the pier in Port Angeles we could see a large Coast Guard Station out in front of us -- maybe that's where your nephew is stationed. It's a beautiful area -- I thought it would feel really isolated, but Port Angeles and Sequim are pretty big towns!


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