Monday, December 1, 2014

American Sand Sculpting Championship


The 28th Annual apparently . . .


After mass on Sunday, we got a quick lunch at Subway and then walked across the street to the Wyndam Hotel, where the Sand Sculpture Championship was being held on the beach.


It was a beautiful morning, warm and sunny, and a great day to wander among the sculptures on the beach.




Sunday was the last day of the championship, which has been going on for the last two weeks.

The individual sculptures were judged early in the week, and a big rainstorm Tuesday night wreaked havoc with the beach.

Amazingly, only one sculpture was destroyed by the rain, but it was the 1st Place Winner.


Some of the others were beginning to show the effects of time and weather.


Starting to break down

But for the most part, they were holding up pretty well.



The detail in many of these sculptures was simply incredible, and I couldn’t believe some of the structures they were able to build . . . like these arches . . . they were amazing!

That's a sand castle!

Others were more simple, but still very cool.

Lego Man

The Doubles competition was still ongoing, with the judging on Sunday.  All of the teams were still diligently working on their masterpieces.

Watching sand sculptors at work

These guys were really intent on their work . . .

Hard at work

but the detail that they put into their sculpture was really incredible!

Amazing detail









Bryce thought the Hippie Bus was pretty cool . . .

Hippy Van

and the hippies!










and my favorite was this Christmas-themed elf!


'Tis the season to be in Florida

He had a great message, too . . . “’Tis the season to be in Florida!”

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  1. All the sand sculptures looked great but I especially like that last message. We're going back into another deep freeze.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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