Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We’ve been busy . . . but mostly with work!! That needs to change!

What have we been up to lately??

Well, there ended up being a LOT of work around here . . . LOTS and LOTS of work!  Not only is Tom managing the maintenance people, but he’s also finding himself getting quotes from contractors, reviewing plans, ordering materials, and solving problems!

This is a new resort, and there is still a lot of construction going on, and Tom has been right in the middle of it!  It would be fun for him, but he doesn’t have the level of control we had when we built our own house, and coming in at the middle of the project makes for quite a bit of “getting up to speed”.  Besides, this isn’t really the job description we were given when we agreed to come down here, and it’s quite a few more hours than we planned on.

So, we just turned in our invoice for the first month, and charged a considerably higher rate for hours spent providing Engineering/Construction Management Services.  We’ll see how it is received, and then decide if we’re going to remain for the rest of our time commitment

We did get the resort to agree to bring in a 2nd maintenance couple to lessen the workload.  Our friends, Tim & Denise, arrived about 10 days ago and settled in next to us.

Tim & Denise have arrived!

They got here just in time, as we were slammed with new arrivals over the holidays!  Our previously empty street is now almost completely full!!

Since Tom and Tim are pretty much working together all the time right now, they are both working too many hours . . . but hopefully by the time we get back from our trip north, we’ll be able to settle into a routine where each of us has a couple days each week when we are off completely, and can get away to have some fun.

Bryce is doing pretty well for himself . . . he makes quite a bit of money helping Tom, and also the activity directors with the dinners and events.  There have even been a few other teenagers around for him to hang out with.

The new sites along the lake are almost ready for occupancy, and over the holidays we watched as several dozen Royal Palms were planted.

Unloading trees

Waiting to be planted










As tall as these trees are, the roots don’t go very deep.

Picking up a tree

Unloading the trees

The trees were lifted off the truck and laid next to each of the holes.

After all the trees were unloaded, it was time to stand them up.

Set it straight


Setting trees in place

Then the next load arrives!

New Palm Trees

We did manage to have some fun, though.  Our friends, Don & Carol, from Lovers Key came over on Saturday for a BBQ.

Playing cornhole


We spent the afternoon visiting, giving them tours of the resort, and Bryce challenged Don to a game of cornhole.  Bryce won, as usual, but Don gave him a pretty good run for the money!







Tom and Tim got busy cooking,

The cooks

and soon it was time for a feast!

Lots of good food!

We all filled our plates,

Time for dinner!

and ate until we were stuffed,

Time to eat!

Dinner is served!











and we still had a bunch of food left over!

It was a beautiful day, and even though we never did get into the pool, we had a great time!  Thanks for coming over, Don & Carol!


  1. It's nice to suppliment your living expenses by work-camping, but if they are using you as full-time employees and paying minimum wages that's not good. Like you said it's time to set some ground rules before it gets out of hand.
    Glad to see you did have some fun time with you friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Yep, that sounds like more work than you may want. But that weather sure looks great. Love the shorts and t-shirts...heading down to the teens in South Carolina tonight;o(((


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