Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Adventures and a Lunar Eclipse

Inquisitive goat

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather this last week . . . enough for a visit to the local dairy for ice cream one evening.

Goat playground

The ice cream was good . . . but the smell in the yard was enough to knock you over!!


Ready to pick some apples


Last week we went on another campus visit with Bryce – to Eastern Michigan University.  They have a nice program, and we gained some valuable information about Athletic Training and Physical Therapy degrees, but he’s still got his heart set on Michigan State.

After our campus visit, we went to our favorite apple orchard to pick apples and get their excellent donuts




At the apple orchard

That's a lot of apples!











Beautiful apple


YUM!  The apples are crunchy and delicious . . . and the donuts . . . they were AMAZING, as usual!









In addition to working around the campground, Bryce and Tom, along with my brother, Donnie, cleaned up my Mom’s hard – they trimmed trees and bushes, burned all the branches,

Cleaning up Grandma's yard

and Bryce mowed her grass.













This weekend, Bryce was lucky enough to get tickets to the MSU football game, so he drove out to East Lansing with a friend, and Tom and I hung out with his brother.

The guys watched the football games, and I worked on Bryce’s quilt.

Bryce's quilt

It’s looking pretty good, I think!

On the way home, we got a good glimpse of the full moon leading up to Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse.

Full moon

It was pretty cloudy on Sunday, but I was hoping for some good pictures of the eclipse.  I managed to get a few small windows of opportunity.

The beginning of the eclipse

Beginning of the eclipse

Then it clouded up, so my next opportunity was just as the eclipse was almost complete.












More clouds, and then I was finally able to get a shot of the red moon – it’s a little blurry, though . . . I was having trouble keeping my camera steady enough for these long exposure shots!

Blood Moon

It was pretty cool, and I’m glad the clouds cleared occasionally so we could see it!

Tomorrow my little pumpkin turns 17!  Happy Birthday Bryce!



  1. Happy Birthday Bryce!!! Hope you have a terrific day and this year is the best yet!!

    That Red Moon was way past our bedtime;o)))

  2. Happy Birthday Bryce! You are definitely turning into a fine young man.
    We didn't even take the time for the moon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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