Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10 wonderful days in Charleston with Nicolas

Other than the trip to Fort Sumter, we didn't do too much touristy stuff while we were in Charleston with Nicolas.  Mostly, we just spent time together whenever we could.  He had the weekends mostly free, although he did go in for a few study hours early each morning, and again Sunday evening after dinner.

He and Tom washed the cars and the front of the motorhome,

we kept him well-fed with treats,

and generally made sure he got some much-needed rest. 

On the day before Halloween, I finally got to meet the Navy Mom who is such a huge help to all of us other Navy Moms.  She lives in the same town as the base, so we are able to send packages, letters, birthday gifts . . . whatever we need to get to our Sailors . . . directly to her house, and then she makes deliveries to them on base.  She's much more efficient than their mailroom, and we get the bonus of a photo of our Sailor posted on facebook.

On Friday, Nicolas was getting a package, so I met him over at the Uniform Store where she makes her deliveries, and spent an hour visiting with her and the many Sailors that arrived to pick up love from home.  I took some pictures of my own to share with the other Navy Moms on facebook!

This was her load of Halloween deliveries . . . I think she might need a bigger vehicle for Christmas!!

Not only does she help us out with mail delivery, but she also spends time talking to the Sailors and getting to know them.  She lets us Moms know how they are doing, keeping an eye out for hints of sickness, or sadness, or stress.  She's truly a "Navy Mom Angel", and we are so lucky to have her in Goose Creek!

On Halloween, we took a little drive with Nicolas and he showed us the other military campground out in Monk's Corners, where he went tent camping this summer, and then we stopped off in Summerville to walk around the town square and check out the Halloween displays by local businesses.


Summerville is a nice little town, and I even found a Quilt Shop to browse through (didn't buy anything!), and we got a recommendation for a pizza place for dinner.  We got back to the base early enough for Nicolas to go get in a hour of studying before coming back to the RV to watch a movie.

During the week we didn't get to see too much of Nicolas because of school and study hours, but he did mange to get over to the RV for dinner one night, and came over each night after studying for a little downtime before going back to his room.  

I love that our lifestyle gives us the flexibility to spend time with him like this where he is, and that we can put ourselves close enough to him that when he does get a couple days off (Thanksgiving weekend coming up!), he can come see us without too much trouble.

All too soon, our 10 days were over and we had to say our good-byes on Sunday night since he would be in school Monday when we headed out.  We hate leaving him, but Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and then we'll get to see him again . . . and a few weeks after that, we'll be returning to Charleston for his Power School Graduation!


  1. All that time together shows a lot of love in a close knit family. Don't ever loose that.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. What a nice way to spend time with Nicolas...just enjoying each others company...FAMILY time!! Love the Navy Mom for doing all she does for the young sailors!!!


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