Monday, April 4, 2016

From Grandma's to Grandpa's

Tonight's blog is an experiment.  I've always used Picasa for my photo editing, and LiveWriter for blogging, but Google is no longer supporting Picasa and I like the idea of having all my photos backed up on in Google Photos.  I recently read a series of blog posts highlighting the benefits of Google Photos and writing directly in Blogger, so I thought I'd give it a try.

  • All of tonight's photos were taken with my phone and backed up to Google Photos -- I must say I do like the ease of accessing phone photos from my computer this way; much easier than emailing them to myself, or connecting the phone with a USB cord.  It also solves the problem of how to get the occasional photo that I take with my work phone.
  • I did all of my photo editing in Google photos -- it works, but I'm not sure I'm completely sold on it.
  • I am writing this blog in the Blogger Editor.
OK, on with the blog post . . .

From our overnight stop in Alabama, we continued north on I-65, through Tennessee and into Kentucky.  Traffic was a little heavy, but by starting out from northern Alabama, we were ahead of most of the returning spring breakers so didn't encounter any major backups.  We had been warned against taking I-65 through Louisville, but on the map it didn't look that bad -- clearly an easier drive than through Nashville, so we didn't take that advice . . . and continued north on I-65.

The drive through Kentucky was fine, until we got within about 15 miles of our destination -- then the wind really picked up!  Oh my goodness . . . I was SO glad we didn't have to go much further in that wind -- it was crazy, and I felt like we were going to be blown off the road!
We arrived safely at Grandma's RV Park in Shepherdsville, KY . . . although the driveway entrance was a little tricky!

We quickly got set up on a pull-thru site, and headed into town to go to mass and get some dinner.

Returning to the RV Park, we were greeted with this site across from our RV.

These poor people - we felt so bad for them!  Their truck and RV were new and they already had a broken back window (the RV broke the truck window on a tight turn -- short bed truck), and now this!

Luckily, the RV wasn't hurt too bad -- a small hole in the roof, and some scratches in the paint.  The truck had a dent in the hood.

The wind continued to batter us most of the night, but fortunately there were no more casualties.

We woke up to chilly morning temperatures and got back on the road, hoping that traffic would be light through Louisville on a Sunday morning.  

Ugh!  Louisville was horrible!  The biggest problem was the construction -- traffic wasn't bad at all -- and my crazy iPhone telling us to be in the wrong lane . . . and we all know how easy it is to make lane changes in a big rig!  So, we ended up getting on I-71 rather than staying on I-65, and had to go a couple miles out of our way to get turned around and back on the correct highway.

With that challenge behind us, we were in Indiana . . . and on the absolute worst roads we have ever driven on!! We thought things might improve once we got around Indianapolis and switched to I-70, and they did for a few miles . . . but then they got worse!  We could not wait to get off the interstate, and were relieved to reach Grandpa's Farm Campground in Richmond, IN.

It was pretty quiet in the campground, with only two other occupied campers.  It's a little early for camping in Indiana!

Richmond looked like it might be an interesting little town, but we didn't really feel like getting in the car and going anywhere . . . that's what 3 solid days of driving will do to you!

Bryce had to work on a report for his Technical Writing class, so Tom and I took a walk around the campground.

The sites in the back of the park, along the river, are nice -- just 30 amp and water, though.

It looks like a beautiful day, but it was only about 55 degrees -- I know, that sounds balmy to somebody who spent the winter up north, but for somebody who was on the beach in 80 degree weather just a few days ago, it was downright chilly!

Tom found a bridge over the river.

We weren't sure why they built it so tall . . . 

or why it had that slight curve in the center, but Tom was brave enough to climb it.  It wobbled quite a bit, so I didn't follow him!

He came back across, and we continued our walk . . . 

and spotted some goats grazing on the opposite bank.

We weren't sure who they belonged to, but they were cute with their floppy ears!

I guess they add to the farm aspect of the campground!

It was a nice little park, although the sites are close together and the roads are narrow.  It was fine for an overnight stop in the off-season, but I don't think I'd want to try to maneuver around here when it's full.

One more driving day on Monday -- a short one, though -- and then we get to stay put for several days while we get some work done on the RV.
Oh, my final thoughts on the experiment . . . I like using Google Photos, but I'm still not sold on the Blogger editor -- I don't like the fact that I need to be online to write the blog and edit the photos, and I'm just more comfortable with the formatting available in LiveWriter.  For now, I think I'll probably stay with my old method of blogging.

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