Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Vacation Week Fun

Tom and I were both off the week of the 4th, so we set out to enjoy our days of leisure.  The dunes were overrun with visitors, so they were not on our list of things to do, but we did hear about a small, secluded county park beach on Lake Michigan that we wanted to check out.

The weather was beautiful all week, so we just picked one afternoon to drive up the road to Cedar Point County Park.

Cedar Point County Park

Secluded beach











It was a great day, and we soaked up the sunshine for awhile before venturing into the water.

Crystal clear water

Beautiful water


What a great little beach!  It was small (Lake Michigan is still really high this year, so most of the beaches are smaller than prior years), but had a beautiful sandy bottom, and the water was crystal clear . . . it was still a little chilly, though, and we didn’t go out much further than this!





What a great day!

Beautiful day at the beach

After dinner one night, we went out for ice cream after dinner and stopped by the lighthouse to enjoy the sunset.

Beautiful night at the Lighthouse



We missed much of the sunset, but it was still a beautiful night.

There were lots of people gathered at the lighthouse to enjoy the sunset on this beautiful, warm evening.






Gathered for sunset












Another beautiful day!


We went shopping in Muskegon one day, visited an Art Fair in Pentwater, and checked out a couple more campgrounds in the area.

Around the park, we spent some time in the pool and hot tub, rode our bikes, and one afternoon we picked up our friend Kathy and took her on a wine tasting adventure with us.

Fox Barn Winery



The Fox Barn Winery is just down the road from Silver Lake, and is a cute little winery with some great wines – especially for those of us who enjoy the sweeter, fruitier wines!







The Vineyard

More vineyards











It’s a cute shop, too!

Fox Barn

Fax Barn Winery











The three of us made our way back to the bar, where we each selected 5 wines to taste for free – Tom and I made sure we didn’t have any duplicates, so that we were able to taste each other’s selections.

Wine tasting

OK, a little bit of wine in the afternoon, and we were feeling pretty good!


It was a very entertaining afternoon . . . we kept each other laughing!

Marci and Kathy



Tom and I bought a bottle of their Harvest Rose Wine (#1 seller), which we really liked, but Kathy didn’t like this one, so she bought a bottle of Vintage White (also good, but a little drier).

With our purchases loaded in the Jeep, we continued down the road to the Cherry Hut.





The Cherry Hut

Farm Market











This is a cherry orchard with a farm market, where they also host fish dinners and pancake breakfasts.  They have cherries, blueberries and raspberries, as well as a variety of cherry products.  They also have a bakery, so we both bought cherry donuts and strudel – YUM!

The Cherry Hut

Have you noticed that there hasn’t been much mention of Bryce lately?  He’s still here . . . doesn’t leave for college until the end of August . . . but he’s been working everyday, and when he gets home from work, he either goes out with the guys from the Wave Club, or hangs out with his friends here at the park.  We don’t see much of him around here, and sometimes we stop by the Wave Club to check out what he’s up to at work.

Bryce at work

He’s got a really tough job!

This week was back to the normal routine, but we’ve been enjoying the pool in the evenings, and have some fun planned for Friday!

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  1. Glad to hear that you are starting to enjoy life as a couple since Bryce will soon be making his own way in life soon. It's not a time of sadness because you can give him advice if he asks for it but he is growing up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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