Thursday, November 3, 2016

Enjoying the Coastal Carolina Fair with a group of Sailors

Only in the south!

Nicolas wanted to go to the fair this year, so we made plans to go with him on Military night, when each member of the military could get themselves and a guest in for free.  We met up with several of the guys from his class, and all walked around together.

I was surprised at how big the fair was – I was expecting something like a county fair, with a few rides and some food vendors – but this was more on the scale of a state fair, with a whole area of rides, games everywhere, rows and rows of food vendors, several stages for entertainers, and bull riding.  One thing that really surprised me was that all of the extra events – including the bull riding and concerts every night – were all included in the price of admission.  I’ve never see that before!


















The guys were there for the rides . . . and Tom and I were happy to watch them!  We weren’t getting on any rides!

Nicolas was hesitant to spend $20 on a wristband at first, but ultimately they all decided that it was the best deal . . . then they could ride as many as they wanted!





There they go!

Falling back down!


This is a pretty common ride at fairs and amusement parks – up they go, and then they drop!  Nicolas said he almost lost his crocs!








Next they headed over to the Flatline 360 . . . this one looked pretty radical, but it turned out to be their favorite of the night!


They anxiously awaited their turn on the ride, as we watched others go before them . . . including one girl who got off the ride looking pretty green!

Waiting for their turn

Nick put the back straps on his crocs for this ride!  Tom and I held onto hats, water bottles and phones!

There they go!

Going up!

Hanging upside-down!


There they are, in the upper right corner – upside down!  The ride swung higher and higher, until it finally got up enough speed to make the full rotation . . . and they hung there, upside-down, for a good 30 seconds!  I wasn’t even on the ride, and it felt like forever!






As they slowed back down, we could see the excitement on their faces – they really had fun on this one!

Going higher!

It was difficult for any other ride to compare to that one, but they kept going!  Another guy from their crew showed up with his girlfriend as they lined up for the next ride, so now there was 6 in their group.

Like hamsters in a cage!


The next ride was a little bit of a disappointment – they spent more time upside down then right side up, and kindof reminded me of hamsters in a ball!

This next ride was almost a disaster, too!


This is another one of those rides that goes back and forth until it ultimately goes all the way around, really fast.  Brittany sat this one out with Tom and I, two of the guys got in the end cars, leaving Nick and two others in the middle with some guy they didn’t know . . . who them proceeded to lose his lunch on the ride!!

Nicolas said they just kept yelling at him to “hold it in!”, and he managed to do that until the ride stopped, and then we saw him quickly jump off the ride and lose his cookies over the railing!  Yuck!!

I think that would have been the end of rides for me . . . but they kept going!

Bumper Cars were next . . . that was pretty calm, at least!


This one brought out the kid in all of them!

Having fun in the bumper cars!

Bumper Cars











One more ride after that, and then we all needed to get something to eat!


They got their moneys worth out of their wristbands, so they were all pretty happy!

We headed for the Food Court,

Finally - time for some food!

and decided on BBQ and french fries for dinner.  It was pretty good . . . and not too expensive, either!

After we ate, we walked back to the front of the fair to check out the bull riding.  It had already been going on for an hour, but we did catch the last several riders.


It was a pretty good event!

Bull Riding

It was a beautiful evening to be at the fair, and we had a lot of fun.  We really enjoyed getting to know some of Nick’s friends, and spending time with them!

Beautiful night at the Fair

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