Thursday, February 2, 2017

Saying goodbye to Bradenton

Moving further south for February

The end of January brought our stay at Lake Pleasant RV Resort to an end.  We really enjoyed our stay here – it was a great location for exploring the Tampa Bay area, as well as Sarasota and Venice. 

In fact, we found a great BBQ restaurant in Venice – Rib City Grill.  Harriett and Rita joined us there for dinner on Monday, and we all enjoyed some delicious ribs.

Harriett and Rita

Tom and I











It was great being able to spend time with our neighbors from “back home”, and always plenty of laughing . . . especially when Tom was cheating at cards!

We made lots of new friends, too . . . we had several great biking adventures with Bill and Linda, and they invited us for a nice campfire dinner on Tuesday night (of course, I forgot to take pictures!), and our neighbors from Maine entertained us with music on Tuesday afternoon.

Private jazz concert

I was busy working, but I could hear the music through my open window, and it sounded really good!

We also managed to complete a couple of projects during our stay.  We’ve been wanting a flagpole, and finally found a pattern online and modified it so we could have both the American flag and a Navy flag.

Our new flagpole

It turned out pretty good – now I just have to add a spot for an MSU garden flag.

We also made a magnet board for my pictures.  I don’t have enough wall space for it, and my refrigerator is not magnetic, so we improvised and created a magnetic board that we adhered to the refrigerator door with command strips.

I think it turned out really good!

Finished magnet board

My new magnet board



So, Wednesday arrived, and it was time for us to move on to our new home for February . . . we found a message in the morning!

Goodbye message from H & R

It was a beautiful day, and after saying goodbye to everyone, we got the Jeep hitched to the RV and were on the road by 9:30.

The drive south on I-75 to Ft. Myers was uneventful, and soon we were on FL-82, headed towards Immokalee.  OK, this is a nice road!

A beautiful day for a drive

In Immokalee, we picked up county road 833, and it was a little nerve-wracking for several miles.  The road was narrow, and had a very noticeable crown!  We were definitely giving our Watts Link a test!

Some of the narrow roads made me a little nervous

Finally, the road flattened out, and even though there still wasn’t much of a shoulder, it was much less stressful on the passenger!

Still not much shoulder, but flatter

We drove through one Orange Grove after another,

Orange Groves

as well as other agricultural fields and even cattle ranches,

Cattle Farms











and a couple mowers.


It was a good thing our friends, Dave and Lynn, have stayed here before and told us it was a great RV Park . . . otherwise we would have been a little nervous about driving so far out into the middle of nowhere!

As it was, we were relieved to finally see some civilization when we reached the Seminole Indian Reservation, where the RV Park is located.

Finally - civilization - as we arrive at the reservation

We got checked in and set up on our site for the month, and gave the motorhome a much needed bath!

Site 93

So far, it looks like a really nice park, and we’ve met several nice people, so I think we’ll really like it here!

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  1. We are sure that you will enjoy the warmer temperatures and you will love the Scenery.
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