Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Springtime in Michigan


We’ve been back here for about 3 weeks now, and for the most part, keeping pretty busy.  I’ve gone into work a few times, we had dinner with Tom’s Dad on our birthdays,

Tom and Marci


and I made dinner for the family at my Mom’s house for Mother’s Day.  She was very happy with the ring of liver sausage that I found in Shipshewana!

Liver sausage for Mothers Day

We also spent a couple of very busy days finding a car for Bryce.  He’s working at Cedar Point in Ohio this summer, and taking a class at the Community College here in Monroe, so until the end of June he has to travel  quite a bit between the two.  So, finding that car was our #1 order of business!

Success!  I think this was the fastest Tom has ever made a decision on a car!

Bryces shiny new wheels!

Bryce is definitely happy to have his own wheels! 

Our vehicle-shopping days aren’t quite over yet . . . we’re still trying to find a truck for Nicolas to buy when he gets here . . . this one is a little more challenging!  He’s still having delays down in Charleston, though, so we’ve had plenty of time to look!  Hopefully he’ll get here soon, though!

Casey misses her boy, but she’s making do hanging out with Bryce on the days that he stays with us.

One boy back home

It’s nice to have one of the boys home anyway!  Bryce stays with us Sunday night – Wednesday morning while he’s here for his class, then he goes back to Cedar Point on Wednesday afternoons and stays in the dorms.  In mid-June, we’ll be moving to a campground in Sandusky, OH, for the rest of the summer and then he’ll be able to stay with us all week.

Being here during the month of May (our birthday month) gave us the opportunity to celebrate with one of our favorite birthday dinners – at Zehnder’s in Frankenmuth.  Zehnder’s offers a free birthday meal during the month of your birthday, and with two May birthdays . . . well, that means an amazing family-style chicken dinner for the total cost of $0.00 (not including tip)! 

Birthday dinner celebration

Topped off by birthday sundaes!


 Bryce went to his girlfriend’s prom last week, and Tom & I joined all the other parents in documenting the evening in pictures.


Bryce & Hannah - Northville Prom

The kids met at a local church for pictures,

A bunch of handsome young men

Pretty girls


and to meet their ride for the prom –  Limogiant, a.k.a. “the party bus”

The party bus

Hannah and Sarah

Hannah and her parents, and a good friend, and more of her and Bryce.

Hannah with Mom and Dad



One of the whole group!

The whole group

And all the parents with the young couple!

052517_Prom Night

Then it was time for them to get on the bus, and for us to go back to their house for dinner.

Getting the kids loadedon the bus

We had a really nice time, catching up with our friends, and the kids enjoyed their evening, too!

We have a few more weeks to spend here, and hopefully Nicolas will get here soon . . . we’ve got more to get done before we move!

I’ll leave you now with a flashback photo of another young couple . . . 25 years ago, Tom and I said “I Do!”.  Here’s to the next 25 years, and then some!

We were so young!!


  1. Looking back at memories preserved in pictures is a great Time Machine. Happy Anniversary folks and we definitely want you to have at least another Twenty-Five more years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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