Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One last fling before Nicolas leaves . . . and of course it involves cars!

LOTS and LOTS of cars!  So many to choose from!


At some point, while looking for things to do in the area, I came across the Blue Suede Cruise at Summit Motorsports Park, in Norwalk, Ohio.  This is the same racetrack where Tom and Nicolas had gone for the NHRA Drag Races a few weeks back, but this weekend, the track was being invaded by classic dragsters (pre 1972) and a huge car show and auction.

Nicolas thought it sounded fun, and since he was leaving the next morning, we made plans to go.  We arrived after lunch and started walking through the rows and rows of old, restored cars . . . we had no idea there were going to be so many there!

Rows and rows of cars!

More rows of cars

There were so many beautiful cars and trucks – Nicolas said he couldn’t pick his favorite . . . but it definitely made him want one!  He was definitely in his element, amongst all those old cars!

Nicolas found so many cars he liked!

Tom found several that he liked, too!

Let's go to the beach!

We’d be ready for the beach with this one . . .

or ready for the dunes in this old Bronco!

That would be fun on the dunes, wouldn't it!?!

She's a beauty!

Or maybe this old Jeep,

That's an old Jeep!

A beautiful Ford,

and a Lincoln that Tom just loved!

Tom loved this Lincoln

Not everybody left their cars parked, though . . . there were plenty driving around, too!  These guys looked like they were ready for the drive-in!

Lots of classics driving around

This little Fiat just kept cruising around the track,


And a bumper boat, without the tube!

but these were definitely the most original vehicles we saw driving around!  They looked like were really having fun – and it sure beat walking!

Bumper car -- that's awesome!

We walked by the auction tent later, and I told Nicolas he could get his own bumper car!

Hey - Nick can get his own bumper car!

Walking through the auction field, I think there were as many vehicles there to be sold as there were on show!

Auction cars



We even found a few Bugs that Bryce could buy and fix up . . . he told me that even though he has a car now, he still hasn’t given up on getting a VW Bug.

Fixer Upper Bugs


But maybe he should get one that’s ready to drive!

A nice Bug for Bryce!

We continued walking around (there was so much more to see!), and working our way toward the Grandstands where we could hear the roar of engines as the dragsters raced the 1/4 mile track.

Dragsters like this one . . .


More cars . . .

Red, White and Blue!

Old Fords in a row

Nice color!

Beep Beep

a fully restored motorhome,


and there was even a tent for the women to sell crafts and stuff . . . I never did get in there, though!

Women's World

We made our way up to the Grandstands in time to catch the end of qualifying runs (for some class of cars, not sure what!),


and then got to watch some “fun runs”, too . . . where anybody could take their car out on the track and race against somebody else.  These were interesting to watch . . . some drivers were more experienced than others!

Time for some fun runs!

Fun runs

We had a lot of fun, and Nicolas said it was a good way to spend his last day!

Enjoying the day

Early the next morning we had to say good-bye to Nicolas, as his leave was up and he had to get to Norfolk.  It was tough to let him go, but he’s exciting to finally get started in his career.

He sent me a picture when he arrived at his ship – the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN69.

Mighty Ike

Now, a week later, he’s out to sea for the first time . . . a new and exciting experience . . . I’m sure he’s enjoying it!

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower


  1. That Car show looked amazing.
    Wishing Nicolas the best in his new career though it looks like he just changed his method of travel.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It is tough on Mom and Dad the first time they go to sea. We were able to get limited emails every few weeks.


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