Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Visiting friends and wrapping up our stay at Kissimmee South RV Resort

Late afternoon pow wow

February was a beautiful month, lots of sunshine and temps in the 80s all month long – we spent a LOT of time in the pool!

As the month wound down, we took care of some business . . . taking a trip up to Beasley Manufacturing to get a new patio mat and some more window shade material, and met up with some friends.

Beasley Manufacturing

In Lakeland, we visited with Mike and Joann from Silver Lake where they are spending the winter at the Sanlan Golf & RV Resort.  The resort is very nice, and they are loving their new “snowbird” status.  We went to dinner with them and some friends of theirs, and enjoyed a nice meal at Catfish Country.

Dinner with friends at Catfish Country

Another day, we took a drive up to Ginger & Jesse’s new house in Leesburg, and visited with them and Joyce . . . and all the doggies!

Ginger with all the doggies

Hershey wanted me to take his picture to send to Bryce!

Hi Bryce!

We had a nice lunch in Mt. Dora,

Good BBQ

and visited for a while back at Jesse & Ginger’s house.  It was really nice to get caught up with our (formerly) fulltime RVer friends, and catching them up on our travels!

Tom & I with Joyce, Ginger & Jesse

Waiting for Mom

Back at the RV Resort, we finally saw one of the the resident alligators on our morning walk with Casey.

We’re told that this guy makes the trip every morning from the front pond, across a site and two roads, and under the fence that surrounds the sewage pond.

As we walked around the pond, we spotted the gator making his way over to the edge of the pond. 

Alligator making his way toward the shore

As we watched, he crawled out of the pond

Crawling out of the water

He's on the move!

and made his way across the road and under the fence.

Kindof cool to see him up walking

Headed toward the sewage pond

There were a lot of people standing around watching and taking pictures . . . and staying out of his way!

Our last week at the resort was full of activities – the highly recommended Canada Day Dinner,

Nice crowd for the dinner

At the Canada Day Party

which definitely lived up to its reputation . . .

The Canadians make a nice dinner!

and the extremely popular “Turd Toss”!

This was a very interesting event – a first for us!  Similar to Corn Hole, except using toilets . . . and the beam bags are brown and in the shape of . . . well, turds!

turd toss1

I think the whole RV Resort turned out for this event!

This is new!

I watched for a few minutes, then I had to go call into a meeting, so I did not get to participate. 

Tom did, though,

Tom showing them how to toss a turd!

and he coached Nelson, as well.

Tom coaching Nelson

Jim came close to capturing the crown,

Jim showing everybody how it's done!

but in the end, Nelson was crowned the King Turd!  The folks here certainly know how to have a good time!  We enjoyed our stay, and would definitely consider coming back here again!

Crowning the winners!

We almost ended our stay on a bad note . . . on the weekend before we left, our bikes were stolen from our site in the middle of the night.  We were shocked to find them gone in the morning, and quickly filed a report with the Polk County Sherriff’s Office.  We didn’t have very high hopes for getting them back, but surprisingly, two days before we left, the deputy called and said the bikes had been recovered at a gated subdivision just up the road.  We were shocked – but very happy to get them back undamaged!

On March 1st, we packed up and said our good-byes, and drove 100 miles west and south to Lake Pleasant RV Resort in Bradenton. 

We got all set up on our site,

Site C74 Lake Pleasant RV Resort

and went to the grocery store to stock up on food so that we would be ready for our Spring Breakers to arrive later that night!  There were snowstorms in Michigan, so we were hoping that they wouldn’t have any trouble getting here!

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  1. Glad you are still enjoying the warmer weather.
    Quite and interesting twist to and old game.
    Hope the Spring Breakers make it Safely South.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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