Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July 4th Celebrations

Lighting up the sky

We had a busy week leading up to the July 4th holiday, with the park nearly full of campers.  The weekend before was the craziest, with most people staying through the 4th.  We were busy, but we managed to get away for a few hours to enjoy some of the celebrations in Cape Charles.

On the morning of the 4th was the Independence Day Parade along the waterfront and up Main Street.  We parked the Jeep at the north end of town, and walked to the waterfront, where we could watch the parade at the beginning of the route.

The festivities were kicked off with the Color Guard and the Star-Spangled Banner.

Honor Guard

There were cars,

Tom likes the Firebird

Nice Bronco

bikes of all shapes and sizes,


He's festive!

and lots of golf carts!


Setting the crab traps

Some were just decorated for the holiday, and others were fully disguised!

Disguised as a train

Old Glory

Like many small town parades, almost every vehicle had candy to toss to the kids . . . and we got a fair amount, too!

This little guy wasn’t sure what was going on . . .

He wasn't sure what to think of all the candy being thrown at him!

There were firetrucks sounding their sirens,

Big Tanker Truck

Waving to the crowd

and waving to the crowd, like this little guy in the big truck!

Cheriton Fire Department

Farmers were getting into the action, too . . . with their tractors,


Tractor Club


Old Farmers

John Deere

and BLUE!

Lots of tractors

This is an old Ford tractor, like the one Tom used to have!

Ford 8N Jubilee

Bringing up the rear were the horses . . .

Horses, too

and the pooper scooper!


Pooper Scooper Guy

That was fun . . . we really enjoyed the parade!  It was hot, though, so back by the Jeep we cooled off with some shaved ice at the Peach Beach.  YUM – That hit the spot!

Cooling off with some shaved ice

Across the bay, they were having a golf cart parade at Davis Lakes.  Nicolas got in on the fun with Bryan and Janetta!  It looked like they were having fun, too.  He had the day off, but had duty on Thursday, so was staying home.  He invited a few friends over for a BBQ, campfire and fireworks in the evening – they had a fun day, too.

Nick in the golf cart parade

After dinner and our evening rounds we headed back into Cape Charles for fireworks.  Our neighbors, Wojceich, Aneta and Patrick joined us. 

After picking a spot for watching the fireworks and setting our chairs up, we walked to the Brown Dog for ice cream cones.  Mmm, they were good, but melting fast!

Getting ice cream before the fireworks

We had a great spot for watching the fireworks just across the channel,

Great spot for watching!

Great fireworks

and the little town put on a pretty big show!  They lasted only about 15 minutes, but were continuously going off – good job, Cape Charles!


A beautiful finale to a great day!

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