Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tunnel of Trees and Fall Color Tour


We left Traverse City, and headed north about 100 miles to the Petoskey KOA. 

Petoskey KOA

We’re here for two weeks to participate in an RV Care-A-Vanners Habitat build (more on that later).  It seems to be the rainy season here in Petoskey, but we’ve had a few days here and there when we could get out.

Saturday was pretty nice, so we decided it was a good day for a drive, in search of fall colors.

Our first stop was Harbor Springs.

Church in Harbor Springs


It’s a cute little tourist town, with upscale shops and a marina.  There was also a Farmer’s Market going on in the center of town.

We enjoyed watching this wood carver working on wooden spoons.

Carving wooden spoons

We continued north on M-119, the stretch of road known as the Tunnel of Trees – it’s a narrow, winding road that follows the coast of Lake Michigan, and a beautiful drive at any time of year.

Lake Michigan overlook

We’re still a little early for “peak color”, at least along the coast where the weather gets moderated by the warm water  (Warm?  Yeah, Lake Michigan warm! Smile)

Still beautiful with the canopy of trees over the road!


Tunnel of Trees

We passed a pumpkin farm just a few miles north of Harbor Springs – what a traffic jam – there were hundreds of cars parked all around the farm!  We bypassed that one . . . and continued on to the little village of Good Hart.


There was a small farmers market set up in the space next to the General Store, complete with live music!


Tom warmed up by the campfire while I looked through the crafter’s booths.


There are a couple of cute shops, and the General Store is also a Post Office and Deli.

Good Hart General Store

I wanted to take a chicken pot pie home, but the line was really long and we thought they may have been out of them, since they weren’t listed on the board in the deli.  Back at the RV Park, the neighbors had one, and said it was pretty good.


We continued along the tunnel of trees,

Tunnel of Trees driveand ended up in Cross Village, home of Legs Inn.  It’s a famous polish restaurant, and it’s been around forever!  Our thought was to have an early dinner there, but a couple hundred other people had the same idea . . . there was a two hour wait!

I don’t like polish food THAT much!!

Legs Inn

We took the customary photo in front of the teepee, and moved on.  There’s another restaurant we’ve been wanting to try, Dam Site Inn, but they didn’t open until 5pm.

We decided to run back to the RV, feed Casey and get her out for a walk, and then go to church at 4pm in Pellston, which was just minutes from the Dam Site Inn.

A good plan, and it worked out perfectly – no wait for dinner.  This place was a little fancier than we had anticipated, but with a sense of humor, too . . .

Dinner with the skeleton family

and they really get into Halloween!



We enjoyed a delicious dinner – fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, noodles, salad, biscuits (very Frankenmuth-like), and had some leftovers for lunch this week!

We stopped on the way home for a few more fall colors pictures.



Here in the campground, the colors are reaching near peak – lots of change in the week that we’ve been here!

Fall Colors - week 1

A few days later

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