Wednesday, November 7, 2018

MSU Game Days

Game Day

We wanted to go to one more football game before we leave town, and we considered going to the Michigan game – even though it promised to be a zoo on campus for that big rivalry game.  Bryce put our names in for the tickets, but in the end, we stayed home and watched on TV.  The weather that day was horrible – there was actually an hour and a half lightning delay at the beginning of the game, and pouring rain at several points during the game – and Tom had hurt his leg earlier in the week and didn’t think he could sit on the bleachers for hours.

The following week was our last chance to get to a game, and Nicolas was going to be in town, but we decided to go and hope that the weather would cooperate.  Bryce was able to get a third ticket, so Nick was able to join us.

I put together a lasagna for dinner, and we left early to meet up with Bryce’s roommate and drop the food off at the apartment before we went to the game.  It rained the whole way to Lansing, but fortunately we drove out of it in the last few miles, and the forecast called for a dry, although chilly, afternoon for the game.  Nicolas had some things to do in the morning, so he drove separately and would meet us at the game.

Hannah’s parents were having a tailgate, so after parking and riding the shuttle bus over to the stadium, we walked to their tailgate spot and enjoyed burgers and hotdogs before the game.  That really hit the spot!

It was definitely looking like fall on campus!  Real football weather!

Red Cedar River

Sparty Statue

Sparty Statue

Fall colors on campus

We wanted to be in our seats for the pre-game festivities and kickoff, so we left the tailgate to make our way over to the stadium.

Purdue had arrived in style!

The Boilermakers brought a train!


Seeing the bus reminded me that when we bought our motorhome the original owner had a Purdue sticker on the back – Bryce promptly removed it!


We picked up our tickets and found our seats.  We were a little further back this time (row 24 instead of row 2), but we were on the side, around the 25 yardline, instead of in the endzone . . . on the Purdue sideline.  It was a pretty good location – much better view of all the action, and Bryce was assigned to the refs for this game, so he was also on the Purdue sideline.

The Purdue and MSU Bands performed a pre-game show,

MSU Band Pre-Game Show

and then it was time for the teams to arrive on the field!

Sparty led the way!

Sparty leading the team

Spartans arriving on the field

The game was pretty intense, and our seats were right next to the Student Section, so you could really feel the energy and excitement!

MSU -vs- Purdue

It was a good game, and despite being C-O-L-D, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We got to see a lot of Bryce during the game, too – during every timeout he would run all around the field, taking water to each of the refs.

He was running all over the field


I brought my long lens for my camera, so I got some good pictures.

Bryce in action

Working with the refs

Coaching advice?Looks like he’s giving a little coaching advice here!



The Spartans got the win, and there was celebration all around!

We waited for the crowd to clear, and watched Bryce and the rest of the Athletic Training Team clean up after the game.

Cleaning up

We had some time to kill before Bryce would get back to his apartment, so we took our time walking across campus.  It was just over a mile to Bryce’s apartment as we followed the trail along the river.  We had a nice dinner with Bryce & Hannah, and Bryce’s roommates, and then Tom and I headed home.  Nicolas was staying overnight to go to some Halloween parties with Bryce – get a little taste of college life!

The next weekend, after Nicolas was back home in Virginia, MSU travelled to the University of Maryland for their next game.  Nicolas had the day off, so Bryce got tickets for him and a buddy, and they made the drive up to Washington DC the night before.  His plan was to meet up with Bryce in DC, but between traffic, construction, and rain, by the time he got there, Bryce was heading back to his hotel – he had an early start with the football team in the morning.

Bryce sent me a few pictures from his adventures in DC that evening,

Department of the Treasury

Freedom Plaza

including a really nice shot of the Washington Monument.

Washington Monument

Nicolas taking in the sights in DC

Nicolas and his friend did a little bar-hopping in DC that evening, and saved their sight-seeing for the morning, before going to the game.

White House

US Capitol

Meanwhile, up in Maryland, Bryce and the other Athletic Trainers were getting set up for the game,

Ready for the game

Athletic Training Team

and having a little fun!

Not always serious and professional -- having a little fun!

The game was another win for the Spartans, solidifying their Bowl eligibility, although Nicolas said this one didn’t have near the excitement or energy of the game at Spartan Stadium.  He did get to talk to Bryce a couple times, and sent me one picture of him on the field.

Bryce at the Maryland game

They both had a good weekend, and I’m glad they were able to catch up again, even if it was just for a few minutes!

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