Friday, January 23, 2009

Marci's Free Day!

I took the boys to school this morning, stayed for Mass, went grocery shopping, and now I'm home and ready for my "Me Day"! Tom is picking the boys up from school this afternoon, and they are going to the Autoshow with a couple of other Dads and sons . . . so I'm on my own tonight and free to do whatever I want!! I think I'll do some sewing, and some reading, work on the kids' school yearbook a little bit, maybe get in the RV_Dreams chatroom for a while . . . whatever I feel like! I love evenings like this!

I've got lots of ideas for blog posts I want to do - to help all of you get to know us a little better, just have to find the time, and get some pictures together! Now that I know how to add pictures "where I want them" in my blog, I can be much more creative - thank you, "Geeks on Tour"! I was getting a little frustrated with Blogger, and the fact that it always put my pictures at the top of the post. Then, along came the Geeks' newletter and notice of a video on how to use Picassa web albums to get around that. I was SO happy - she must have been reading my mind!

That's about it for now . . . I think I'll go make some tea - it's getting chilly again.


  1. All I do for photos in blogger is cut them from the top and paste them where I want them, no strain, no pain!

  2. I had been trying to click and drag the pictures where I wanted them, and that wasn't working . . . I didn't try cut/paste. When I did my latest post, I had to go back and watch the Geeks' video tutorial again, but now I think I'll remember how to do it!!


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