Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meet our family

We are the happy parents of two wonderful boys, Nicolas - age 12, and Bryce - age 10, and one dog, Casey - age 3. They can't wait for the day we start full-timing in the RV! By the time we hit the road, Nicolas will be starting high school and Bryce will be in 7th grade. They are both looking forward to attending "RV School of Mom", and learning all about this incredible country of ours. Nicolas is an avid guitar player (not shy of a crowd, as those of you at the 2008 RV-Dreams Rally will remember!), and also enjoys basketball and cars. Bryce is a big sports fan, especially baseball, and occasionally acts as "roadie" for his big brother! Casey is a "boy's dog", as she loves to run and rough-house with her "brothers".

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  1. We met at the Rally...I am Joe Pitman (Speedy) and my wife Sherri. We enjoyed the entertainment your son provided at the talent show. I like your journal and look forward to following you on your adventure. Be safe out there and maybe we will meet up on lifes highway...

    Somewhere in Time

    Joe and Sherri


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