Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! We had a pleasant, but uneventful, weekend. Some friends had a party/bonfire on Friday - it was a wonderful evening to spend outside! On Saturday morning, Bryce had a baseball scrimmage - they got in about 4 innings before the rain arrived, but it was good practice for them. His first game is tomorrow evening, and they are ready now. After a quick lunch, we went to Walmart for some groceries, and then back home. Tom's family came over for dinner Saturday evening to celebrate our birthdays (mine on the 12th, and Tom's on the 13th), and Mother's Day. We made shish-kabobs, baked potatoes, pasta salad, salad and strawberry pie - YUM! Today, we went to my Mom's for dinner and my brother and 3 of my sisters were there. It was a nice day, and another delicious dinner.

Now we're just watching the finales of Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice. Tomorrow, it's back to school and work for another week. We haven't had anybody in for any showings of the house yet, but hopefully soon. We did have a couple of "drive-bys", but nothing has come of them yet. Have a good week!

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