Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting closer to reality . . .

We've decided on a truck! It's a white F-450 dually, 2008 with only 5K miles on it. It's in Virginia, which is leading to some complications regarding the transfer of the vehicle, but at least it's in the same direction as the 5er. As of tonight, our plan is to take a train from Toledo, OH to Washington DC Sunday night (leaves Toledo at midnight, arrives in DC at 1pm), and then another train from DC to Fredericksburg to meet the owner of the truck. We'll make the truck transaction there, and then travel to Lexington, SC to pick up the X-Aire toy hauler on Tuesday, and then back home sometime Wednesday. IT'll be a long couple of days, but we thought that taking the train would be more restful than driving a rental car all the way down there on Sunday - at least we can attempt to sleep on the train! Actually, Tom should have no problem - I think he can sleep anywhere!! LOL

The complication has to do with the fact that the current owner of the truck has a loan on it, which has to be paid off before the lein can be released and the title signed over to us. We're trying to find out if the Virginia DMV can provide some type of document or temporary plate for us to have for our travels to South Carolina and ultimately back to Michigan. If anybody out there has bought a vehicle out of state before, and can offer some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!!

It's all coming together - now if only some of Natasha's good luck would rub off on us, and our house would sell . . .

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  1. Nice truck - should be able to pull pretty much anything with that!


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