Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slight problem

We had a huge rainstorm here this afternoon, so Tom and I figured we would go out and make sure the X-Aire did not have any leaks. All looked good around the windows, doors and ceiling, but then I found a small puddle on the floor next to the dinette/sofa slideout. Uh oh!!!

Further investigation revealed a substantial amount of water on top of the slide, and Tom noticed that he could see light coming through the seal around the slide. Not good! Comparing the look of this seal to the one on the bedroom slide, it was obvious that there was definitely something wrong with this seal. We cycled the slideroom out, and could see the seal rolling over as the slide moved. It's clear to us that the seal is going to have to be replaced. Our assessment is that the RV probably sat for so long without the slide being moved, in the heat of Florida, that it somehow got stuck or rotted. The dealer in South Carolina probably should have noticed this, but they didn't, and we apparantly didn't look closely enough when we picked it up. It's not the end of the world, but it needs to be fixed!

We cycled the room back in, repositioning the seal several times, until we got it back in place with the slide in. We are pretty confident that we can get it into the proper location with the slide out too, so we should be OK for our camping trip next week, but it definitely requires attention. We are planning on visiting my family in Indiana the following weekend, so Tom is going to call our salesman and get him to assist us with scheduling a service visit at Newmar.

We'll probably have to leave it there for a little while, but that's OK - we can't use it on our next camping trip, anyway!

That's it for today -- and I promise to take some interior pictures soon!!


  1. The most important thing is that you found out what the problem is and you can deal with it. Knowing what is wrong makes dealing with it easier. We have a new RV and we have some things that we have to deal with until we can get it in to the dealership. When you live in one it sure is hard to find the time to take it in and have it worked on...even when you can stay in it.

  2. We did not have any leaks, but we had a couple of minor issues with the rubber gaskets not staying in place on our fiver after a couple of years. Our warranty was still in effect and they fixed us right up in only a few minutes....hope all goes well for you guys


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