Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school!!!

From SSA_First Day

Yesterday the boys started back to school, after a summer that just wasn't long enough! They complained about going back already, but they were excited to see all their friends again. Opening mass was very crowded, with lots of parents in attendance as well as all the students. Nicolas is "Altar Server Captain" this year, so he served at mass and will be in charge of making up the schedule for altar servers and training the new 5th grade servers.

From SSA_First Day

After mass, there is coffee, tea, juice, pastries and fruit in the gym for all the moms and dads. This gives all of us time to re-connect, and sign up for volunteer opportunities. I took some "first day of school" pictures for the yearbook, and then visited with some friends for awhile before heading out to Kroger. The boys just had a 1/2 day for the 1st day, so I didn't go all the way home. I was back to pick them up at noon, and we headed home for lunch. Our mower is still broken, so Tom had asked our neighbor if it was OK for us to borrow his old mower and let Nicolas mow the yard. He was OK with it, so that's how Nicolas spent his afternoon. He had fun driving the mower around!

From SSA_First Day

They had their golf lesson that evening, so we headed out after a quick dinner of corned beef sandwiches and mac&cheese. The were working on driving this week, and Nicolas did really well. Bryce was a little tired, I think, and was having a bad night -- he got pretty frustrated. They played a quick round of miniature golf after the lesson, and we stopped for slushies on the way home. That improved Bryce's mood a little bit, but he still needed sleep.

Today was their first full day of school, and they both had homework, so I guess things are getting into full swing. Tomorrow I'm back at work in the office, so we had all better get to bed!

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