Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last Wednesday was my Dad's 81st birthday, so my whole family gathered at the lake to celebrate. It wasn't the greatest weekend to spend at the lake -- rain and highs in the 60s predicted for the whole weekend -- but we went anyway. We did wait until Saturday morning since it was raining non-stop all day Friday, and Tom was still working on the brakes on his car (a 1-day project that turned into an all-week project!).

We left our house around 10 am and decided to take the scenic route, rather than the interstate. Along the way, just past Michigan International Speedway, in Brooklyn, MI, there was a Harley-Davidson dealer having a custom bike show. Tom and the boys wanted to stop and look around, so we did. It was a busy place, and we saw lots of cool bikes. Tom is thinking about a couple of motorcycles or scooters to carry in the toyhauler, to use in place of the 450 when we're parked someplace. Still thinking about it . . .

We finally arrived at the lake around 2pm, and my brother pulled in right behind us. It was chilly and windy, but the sun was shining on and off. My brother was in charge of dinner (shish-kebob, rice, potatoes, salad, veggies), and my one sister and I each made a cake. Mine was my Dad's favorite chocolate cake, and my sister made an ice cream cake.


From Family

From Family

What do you get an 81-year old who has everything? Restaurant gift cards, lottery tickets, and I bought him a couple of new shirts -- I'm tired of seeing him in the same ones all the time!! LOL! Oh, yeah, my sister bought him tomatoe juice!

From Family

The wind finally died down some, so we had a fire at my sister's trailer and it was very pleasant.
These are my 2 oldest sisters -- Sandi and Diane.

From Family

The next morning was very chilly, and we headed home shortly after lunch. Monday was back to school and work, so we all had to get home early.

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  1. Great day and Birthday to boot! Good to see ya having fun.


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