Friday, September 11, 2009

Where did the week go???

We got off to a little bit slower of a start on Tuesday than we wanted to, and it was 10am by the time we rolled out of the Sunnybrook RV Resort. That got us to Duncan RV Repair around 11:30am (I wanted to be there by 10!! Oh well . . . ). We checked in, itemized the items we needed looked at, and were ready to meet with the Technician to go over everything . . . just as he left for lunch! LOL Our timing was just great! Oh, well, that gave us time to get parked in a spot, un-hitch the truck, and moved our stuff that was going home from the RV to the truck bed. It was threatening rain, but everything (with the exception of Casey in her crate) fit under the tonneau cover. Hopefully the rain would hold off, and she wouldn't get too wet!

Ron returned from lunch just as we finished up, and we went through our list with him. We were out of there around 1:45. Now, the boys were supposed to have their last golf lesson at 5pm, but it was raining at home and we would have to really push it to make it there on time. So, we decided to call and re-schedule their lesson, and we had a leisurely lunch-dinner in Shipshewana at the Blue Gate Restaurant. YUM!

We got home around 7pm, still stuffed from our lunch/dinner, and got the truck unloaded. I started laundry while the boys took care of some homework, and we all tried to get to bed early. We were still very tired on Wednesday, as we got back into the routine of work and school . . . and I'm not sure where the rest of the week went!

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