Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthdays and a Car Show

Oh, man . . . the Tigers just lost to the Twins!!  Bummer!  What an exciting game, though.

OK, on to my post . . .

Last weekend we celebrated 3 birthdays . . . Bryce's 11th, and his cousins' -- Kathleen, also 11, and Joe, 7.

The family all gathered at Tom's brother and sister-in-law's house for dinner, followed by cake and presents.  Look at all those candles!!!

Money seemed to be the theme of the night . . . it's so difficult to buy for kids this age, especially when everybody knows that we are trying to minimize the "stuff" we have.  Bryce got a kick out of this $200 bill . . . LOL

On Sunday, we went to a car & bike show at the local Community College . . .

the day was gloomy, and we got rained on a few times, but it was still fun.  This college has a degree program in custom bike and car fabrication, and there were several cars on display that had been built by the students, including this Shelby that was being raffled off at the show.

We saw lots of cool stuff outside, too . . . Tom was dreaming big on this bike . . .

This is NOT your father's Mercury . . .

and I loved this little vintage Airstream!

On Monday, the boys were off school, so we had a few of Bryce's buddies over for another birthday party.  They played pool for awhile, had pizza and ice cream, and then went outside to play football.  We lucked out and had a pretty good day -- it was cloudy, but no rain, and not too cold.

Well, that was our busy weekend.  Now we're back to school and work, and waiting to hear from Duncan RV about our camper.  As of Friday, they were still waiting on some parts for the landing gear, and we haven't heard anything new since then.  We were hoping to be able to pick it up this weekend, but we'll have to wait and see, I guess. 

"Hi!" to everybody in Kerrville at the RV-Dreams Rally -- wish we were there!!

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