Monday, October 26, 2009

A perfect day for a road trip!

We woke this morning to a partly sunny sky and temperatures in the mid-40s, promising no rain and temperatures that were expected to rise into the 60s.  Looked like a good day for a road trip, so after dropping the boys off to school . . . we headed to Elkhart, IN to pick up our camper from Duncan RV -- hopefully the last time for awhile!!

Traffic was light and the weather was great, and we had an uneventful trip south.  In Angola, IN, we made a quick stop for diesel (what's up with fuel prices??  they are going through the roof all of a sudden!) and breakfast sandwiches, and then we continued west on St. Rt. 20.  We were making really good time, so we decided we could afford a quick stop at the bulk store in Shipshewana.  After stocking up on oatmeal, dried fruit, and spices, we continued on to Elkhart, arriving at Duncan at 11:30.  Although they knew we were coming, the Technician who worked on our RV had gone home early, so another technician had to review our repairs with us.  Newmar had finally agreed to add a 2nd landing gear motor, so now we have 2 separate motors with separate controls.  The major work was complete, but the old button location was left wide open under the old access door, and they forgot to weld a nut onto the new motor to allow it to be manually operating with a socket, which was something they had told us they would do.  The technician we met with today took care of those things, but it meant we had to wait around for a couple of hours, and didn't get back on the road as quickly as we had hoped.

Here we are waiting, as Marcos is welding a nut onto the new landing gear leg . . . so that we have a manual way to raise and lower it in case the motor fails.

Everything worked out though, and the new jack motor works fine -- although it seems to move faster than the old motor . . . not sure why . . . so I just have to be really careful not to get the RV off-level from side to side.  We made it home with just enough time to get the camper parked in the barn before we had to pick the boys up from basketball practice.  After a quick dinner at Wendy's, it was back home for showers and studying for tomorrow's science tests. 

The next 6 weeks will be pretty busy with basketball -- they have practice or a game pretty much every day starting next week.  Luckily for us, Duncan winterized our RV -- it had been sitting outside the last few weeks, and we were getting some pretty cold nighttime temperatures.  So, that's one less thing for us to do . . . we just need to clean it up, but that can be done while it sits in the barn.

OK, back to work tomorrow, so I had better get to bed . . . .

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  1. Good to see you got it all done. One less thing to worry about.


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