Friday, June 11, 2010

Camp Newmar and Focal Wood Products

All hitched up and ready to leave on this misty, foggy morning.

We drove through  some drizzle, but by the time we arrived at

Focal Wood Products in Nappanee, the sky had started to clear and the sun was coming out.  After carefully negotiating the driveway, we were ready to start working on Nicolas' loft bed. 

Step 1 -- Set the height.

Next step -- build the box that will hold the mattress.

Doesn't it look beautiful !?!  The color matches perfectly! 

Last step -- install the bottom boards

and it's all done!  Amazingly, the whole process took just about an hour!

Next. we removed the metal work station cabinet and moved the wood cabinet over to the opposite wall to make room for the new TV cabinet that Carlyle is building for us.  Lastly, the ugly garage door is removed and the opening is measured for the maple french door that will go in its place.  Time to head over to Newmar now -- we'll be back here on Friday for the installation of the TV cabinet and new french door.

Over at Camp Newmar, we parked in site 15 and got checked in for our morning service appointment.  We went to dinner at the Tap & Dine, and back to the RV to watch a movie. 

Day 2 at Camp Newmar

Bright and early Thursday morning, the technician came and got our rig, and took it to Bldg. 11 to get worked on.

We spent the morning checking out some local bulk stores and hardware stores, and then headed over to Carlyle's place to take care of some prep work (chiseling out the areas for the hinges, and drilling the holes for the doorknob) on the door to save him time.  Carlyle was busy installing a computer desk in a motorhome for a couple from Lake Tahoe.  His desk/dinette system really opens up the living area of an RV -- it looks really nice!

Back at Newmar in the afternoon, progress was being made on our RV, but there's still a few things to finish up, so we'll have another early morning tomorrow!  We grilled some hamburgers for dinner, and sat outside as it cooled down nicely for the evening.  The boys are watching a movie now, while Tom is out "visiting", and I'm going to read for a while before bed.  Goodnight from Camp Newmar!

Day 3 at Camp Newmar

We were up again at the crack of dawn, ready for the RV to be taken into service.  We didn't have time for breakfast this morning, so we went over to the Dutch Kitchen for the BIGGEST pancakes we've ever had!  Yum -- we were stuffed! 

Ever since we got this RV last summer, we've been concerned about the tires, especially the ones on the awning side.  Because it was a left-over 2009 model, it sat on a lot in Florida for almost a year -- basking in the sun.  Needless to say, it baked, and the tires were showing extreme cracking.  The folks at Newmar acknowledged the situation, and offered to install 6 new tires, splitting the cost with us.  We thought it was a good compromise, so we agreed to hang around a little longer today to get that taken care of.  They didn't have any tires in stock, so, since we were heading to Goshen anyway, we offered to pick up the tires at the dealer there.  While in Goshen, we stopped at an RV salvage shop and picked up a ladder (one that typically goes on the outside of the RV) for $5.  We're going to cut off the ends and put some rubber feet on it, so Nic can use it to get up in his loft bed.

We returned to Newmar with the tires, and Elmer got to work installing them. 

With that wrapped up, we paid our bill and towed the RV back to Carlyle at Focal Wood to install the TV cabinet

and the french door.

Don't they look great?!!  I love the door!  I'll take more pictures at home one we get the protective film removed from the glass panes, and clean up the garage a little.  He also added a strengthening board to the bottom of Nic's bed, so it no longer sags -- he feels a LOT more comfortable now!

I also picked up one of Carlyle's high/low coffee tables

Once we get things cleaned up in here, I'll take more pictures of it in its many configurations.

Whew!  That was quite the productive day, and we are really happy with the improvements we made to the rig!  All that's left is to find a piece of carpet for the garage, and to replace our sofa with 2 recliners.

Now I'm washing a quick load of clothes while the kids watch a movie.  Tomorrow we head over to Indiana Dunes for a few days of real camping.  We can't wait - but I'm not getting up at 5:30!!  Even Casey is ready for a nap!


  1. all looks great and I'm glad it all went so well for you. Looking forward to more photos!


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