Saturday, June 12, 2010

Indiana Dunes State Park

Saturday's drive was a short one -- just 65 miles -- from Nappanee to Indiana Dunes.  We took Route 6 west, and then north on Route 49 for an easy drive.  Our friend Todd left Shipshewana in time to catch right up to us as we left Newmar -- the timing couldn't have been better. 

Arriving at the park, we were lucky to find that our site had been vacated already, so we could set right up.  Todd wasn't so lucky, and had to kill some time on a nearby site.  We had reserved site 6, which I was told would be long enough for our rig.  That information proved to  be correct, and we had plenty of room -- Nicolas was even able to open up the back door.

For future reference, we walked around and noted several other sites that would accommodate us.  Once Todd was able to get set up, we took the kids down to the beach to check out the lake and the sand dunes.  Unfortunately, on the drive over from Nappanee, the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees . . . no longer warm enough for swimming!  The kids spent some time running up and down the dunes,

and then we headed back to the campers, as the sky was starting to look threatening.  Nicolas and I went on a Walmart run, and ran right into the severe weather!  We were hoping it missed the campground.  The severe weather did stay south, but we had steady rain most of the evening.  After a quick dinner of leftovers, the kids watched some movies with the rangers while Todd, Nicolas and I tried to get Nick's new TV up and running.  We finally managed to get sound, but still have quality issues with the picture.  We also discovered that the wiring of the various TVs into the switchbox is not the way we'd want it . . . we'll probably end up making some changes.  We finally gave up on it at midnight, and everybody turned in for the night.

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  1. Hope the TV issues can get resolved easily. Enjoy your time at the dunes.


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