Monday, September 6, 2010

Arriving at Sunnybrook RV Resort

We went to early mass on Sunday, and back to the house to load the last-minute items into the camper, then we were hitched up and ready to hit the road by 11:00am.  We had an easy drive west on I-94 and M-43, and arrived at Sunnybrook RV Resort shortly before 2pm.  Tom did a good job getting us parked, and we were all set up and settled on site 62 in record time!

Nicolas wanted blueberries, so we drove over to the little U-pick farm where we picked berries last summer.  The U-pick was technically closed, but they were still letting people go in and pick whatever they could find.  We grabbed a few buckets and headed into the blueberry fields.  There were quite a few bushes that had been overlooked by earlier pickers, and we had no trouble filling our buckets -- 7.8 lbs.!  The lady in the store asked if I was going to freeze some of them (which I am), and showed me how they freeze the berries so they don't stick together at all.  Dump them right into a cardboard box and put them straight into the freezer -- the key is to NOT put them in the refrigerator first, because that creates moisture which makes them stick together when they freeze.  She showed us a box of frozen berries that they had for sale, and sure enough, it was like a box of blue marbles!  So, she dumped all but a pound or so into a cardboard box, and I put them right into the freezer when we got back to the RV.

Our friends from home were staying in South Haven last night, so we met up with them for dinner.  Several of us were craving pasta, so we tried an italian restaurant downtown, called "The Vineyard".  We had to wait a little bit, but the food was good.  We walked around town awhile, until it started to rain, and then we headed back to the RV Park.

Labor Day started out looking pretty threatening -- dark skies with some thunder and lightening in the distance.  The storm stayed north of us, though, and we only got a little bit of drizzle for a short time.  By 1pm, the skies had cleared, and it warmed up nicely.  Bryce did some fishing, and we spent a couple hours in the pool in the afternoon.  Tonight's dinner was brats and hot dogs on the fire -- YUM!  Once the fire died down (which was early -- $5 bundles of wood here are practically kindling!!), we went inside to watch TV and check email.

Tomorrow it's "back to school", but fortunately we can do that right here at the campground!  In the afternoon we might have to head down to Lake Michigan to check it out -- they're calling for 50 mph winds and 8 - 12 ft. waves in the afternoon!  Believe me, we won't get anywhere near the water or the pier -- just watch from a safe distance!

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