Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saugatuck on a crazy windy day



It was a beautiful day today -- hardly a cloud in the sky, and it was warm -- but the wind was brutal!  The gusts were so strong that it had us wondering if the wind could possibly blow this monster of an RV over!

We started the day with schoolwork,

Busy at school

and once we had a few computer issues worked out, they finished up around 1pm and we had lunch.  We wanted to see the big waves on Lake Michigan, so we decided to take a drive to Saugatuck.  This little town was recently voted the "#4 Coolest Small Town" in America, by Budget Travel, and they are getting ready to celebrate this coming weekend.  The town gets so crowded on the weekends, they have to make people park at the high school and shuttle them in to downtown!  On this Tuesday after Labor Day, though, parking was no problem -- even for our big truck!  Walking around town was no problem either, and we visited a few of the little shops and enjoyed a mid-day ice cream cone. 

We weren't in much of a shopping mood, so we drove on to Oval Beach to check out the waves.  Driving into the parking lot, you could see the evidence of the wind as the sand was piling up.

Sand covered parking lot

There were just a few adventurous souls on the beach, and none of them in the water!

Oval Beach

These are some of the biggest waves we've seen on the lake,

Angry Waves

and the water was COLD (but they only got their feet wet!)

Boys at the Beach

Next stop was Mt. Baldhead (that seems to be a trend in sand dune names!)


282 steps up to the top of the dune!!!


But we were ready to go!


We had some discrepancies in the number of steps that each of us counted (285, 290, 304), but whatever it was, we eventually made it to the top!

At the top

The view was definitely worth the climb!

Beautiful view

We rested our legs, and then headed back down.

Going down

Back at the bottom, there was another overlook on the river side, where you could see the town of Saugatuck.

Kalamazoo River

We also found this little garden path with these really cute sculptures.


That was the end of our Saugatuck adventure, and we meandered our way back to South Haven, stopping at a Farm Market on the way back where we picked up some apples and loaves of blueberry and zucchini bread.

Back at the RV, we grilled some chicken for dinner and got our campfire started.  We had a pretty good fire, but by 9:30pm the wind had driven us inside.  so, Tom and the boys are watching a movie while I catch up on blogs, and outside the wind is still whipping around and shaking the RV.  These high winds are supposed to end overnight -- I certainly hope so!

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