Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Visitors

It’s been awhile, but we’re still here . . . LOL! 

We’ve been keeping busy with homeschooling, with everybody falling into their individual routine.  Nicolas is taking the Dave Ramsey Homeschool Economics class on DVD, and we’re all learning quite a bit!  He’s a very entertaining guy – I can see why he has so many loyal followers, and makes a lot of sense, too!

We thought we had our house sold a couple of weeks ago, but the offer fell through . . . very disappointing, to say the least!  One good thing that came from the incident, though, was that it brought us to the realization that we have not done nearly enough purging of STUFF yet!  So, we’re getting busy with that!  Our church was having a rummage sale last weekend, so I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets – getting rid of every appliance, utensil, pan, and dish that I haven’t used in the last several years.  We took a truckload of STUFF over to church – it was very liberating!  We’re also continuing to list any non-essential furniture on craigslist, thinning it out around here so it’s not a mad rush when we do finally have a buyer.

My next room to tackle is my office – paperwork – tons of it!  What kind of records do you take on the road with you?  I’m trying to get down to the bare minimum, but it’s difficult.  Here in the house, I tend to keep everything in 3-ring binders, but those take up too much room, so I’m trying out other storage solutions.  Any advise from the current full-timers?

So, that’s what we’ve been doing lately.  We’ve had some great fall weather lately, and we hope it keeps up for a little longer.  We’ve got a Halloween camping trip planned down to central Ohio, so we’re hoping for a few more days of warm, dry weather. 

A while back we had some visitors – I was looking out the front window and saw these guys strolling up the driveway.

fall visitors

They were meeting up with all their friends in the field out back,

sandhill cranes

before they all take off for warmer climates.

fall visitors in flight

Like the rest of the RV blogging community, I was shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic deaths of Bruce & Margie last week.  It makes us realize, once again, that there’s no better time than the present to live your dreams!


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  2. Thank you, the yellow text is much easier on the eyes.


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