Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween at Evergreen RV Resort

Halloween Welcome

We loaded up the RV on Friday, and hit the road around 10:30 am (after a “quick” little 15-mile trip “around the block” when Tom realized that he left his wallet in the car at home!!), arriving at Evergreen Park RV Resort shortly before 3pm, including stops for lunch and diesel ($3.09/gallon).

Due to some comp. time that Tom has built up, and a holiday on Tuesday, this was a convenient weekend for us to get away for a few days – just a coincidence that the RV Park is going all-out for Halloween, but we’re ready to celebrate!

Amish straw couple

The park is completely full, and there is activity everywhere!  This is our first time here, and we’re really impressed by the facilities – NICE bathrooms (toasty warm!), beautiful gameroom (complete with a HUGE bear – I’ll get a picture later), and wonderful indoor pool and hot tub. 

Horse and buggy

The park is surrounded by Amish farms, and there are lots of Amish people wandering around the park.  Some work here (I saw an Amish man running a (powerless) sweeper in the gameroom, and others set up tables where they sell baked goods and baskets.

When we arrived yesterday, we were directed to site #55, and after just a few adjustments, we had the RV leveled and all set up. 

Site 55

Our lunch was early and light, so at the recommendation of my sister and brother-in-law, we headed down the road to the Amish Door in Wilmot for dinner.  They have a great salad bar, and all the normal delicious Amish food.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of broasted chicken (3 of us; Bryce had a ham & cheese sandwich), and wandered through the shops there.  We can’t resist a bulk store – and we walked out with a bag of “essentials” to take back home with us!

Back at the RV, we decided to check out the pool for awhile, before settling in to watch scary halloween movies.  The pool was warm, and not too crowded, considering the number of campers here.

This morning, after Nick finished up some schoolwork, we took a short drive to Kidron where we found a flea market, and the famous Lehman’s.


I’m not sure what kind of store to call it – it has lots of everything – kitchen items, food, toys, and old-fashioned appliances.  Tom found a cute new grill – too bad there’s not enough room in the RV!

Pig Grill

We spent quite a bit of time there, but not much money . . . the aroma from the café was making all of us hungry, so we decided to get back to the RV for lunch.  On the way out, we saw this horse

Horse at Lehmans

and tractor,

Steam Tractor

and I just had to get pictures!  It was almost time for the Halloween festivities, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post!


  1. That "pink pig grill" is just too much. I love it!

  2. We love that area of Ohio! And Lehman's is a must-see. I don't like to shop, but Lehman'sis so much more than that. Have a fun weekend!


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