Monday, April 11, 2011

Arriving at the RV Dreams Rally

We had a lot of prep work to get done before we left for the RV Dreams Rally in Tennessee, and even with a few unexpected complications, we were done and ready to hit the road!


Tom and Nicolas putting the landing gear leg back together (winter coats – still cold on Friday!!)

It was a cool and foggy Michigan morning when we pulled out of the driveway, but the weather kept getting better as we drove south!

foggy morning

In Michigan, the grass is just barely starting to turn a little bit green, and the trees are still bare!

In Ohio, the grass was green and lush, and the diesel prices dropped from $4.10 to $3.89 /gallon.  By noon, the temperature was well into the 70s, and we were shedding our sweatshirts!

diesel in Ohio

Diesel prices weren’t too bad at the Piqua, OH Walmart

Walmart Gas (2)

Getting into a gas station with the RV attached is always fun!

After a quick fill-up and lunch at the Subway in Walmart (another convenient benefit!), we were back on the road!  It was a beautiful day to travel (even with temperatures approaching 90 degrees!), and as we continued south we saw even more signs of spring – trees budding in northern KY, and eventually even fully blossomed flowering trees in Tennessee.  We had thought we might spend the might in mid-Kentucky, but were making good time, so decided to keep moving.  We eventually got hungry again, and decided to stop for the night at a Walmart shortly after crossing into Tennessee.  We had a quick dinner at McDonald’s (the only thing open within walking distance!), used their free Wi-Fi to check email, and were back in the RV to watch Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice (luckily we were able to pull in CBS and NBC with the antenna).


It was a noisy place to spend the night, but the views of the mountains in the distance were great!

We were left with an easy 1-hour drive in the morning, and arrived at he River Plantation RV Park at 10:30 am. 


Comfortably settled into site #200

We quickly set up, and walked over to the pavilion to check on the Rally preparations.  Linda and Howard have everything under control, and it should be a really great experience!  Everything get started tomorrow afternoon, and we’re looking forward to it . . .


  1. Have fun guys, hate we couldn't make it. At the 08 and 09 Rally's we were working. As of April 1st we are starting our 2nd year of FT'ing. Tell the gang we said HI.

    Stay Safe

  2. How nice to escape this flakey Great Lakes fickle weather and get south where it's warm!

    Karen and Steve
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