Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kentucky Horse Park

We love the Kentucky Horse Park – even off-season, there’s so much to see!  The sites are great, with paved roads and lots of green grass, and we were backed up to the Horse Park, so the views are great.  From the campground, you can walk or ride bikes right into the park, so we did plenty of both!


This big guy was willing to come over to the fence for some hay!

We rode our bikes into the main area of the park and found a group of horses near the Champions Barn that were willing to visit with us.


Bryce isn’t sure if he wants to get too close!


Looks like Nicolas is having quite a conversation with this guy!


Striking a pose!  Looks like he does that a lot!

It’s been a few years since the last time we camped here, and they have really expanded the park.  Much of the expansion had to do with the World Equestrian Games that were held here last summer.


This fancy new arena is one of the facilities that weren’t here the last time we visited.

There are so many areas to explore in this park, and we took Casey for a walk on the grounds, too.  Nicolas decided to put her through some agility testing while we walked.


Climbing the steps, and jumping off the other side.


Queen of the mountain!


Up the ramp, and off the other end!

Back at the campground, we got our fire going, and enjoyed toasted marshmallows and apple pies.


Tom had to get some work done, but then he joined us at the fire.

It was such a beautiful day and evening, we couldn’t believe that there were going to be storms overnight!  If it weren’t for the emergency weather radio, I probably would have just gone to bed and slept right through the storms.  But, around midnight the weather radio started announcing severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings!  I turned on the TV, and found a Louisville station that was tracking the storms.  Louisville was getting hit pretty hard, but it was looking like everything was going to go north of us.  Regardless, I couldn’t go to sleep, so I kept the TV on and logged onto to watch the radar maps.  Amazingly, the RV hardly moves at all – and it was windy! – and I had just about decided to go to sleep when, around 1:30am, the weather radio announced a tornado warning for our immediate area!  I woke Tom and the boys up, and we jumped in the truck and went to the bath house, along with most of the other campers!  Apparently, there was a tornado siren that went off too, but we didn’t hear it.  We stayed in the bath house until the warnings expired at 2:30am, and luckily the worst of the weather missed us, and there was no damage in the Horse Park.  I did hear on TV the next morning that there were several tornadoes that touched down just north of us, though.

So, we survived our first severe weather experience unscathed . . . in this case we would have been OK without the weather radio, but I sure am glad we had it!


  1. We loved your post on the Kentucky Horse Park. We just came through there about 3 weeks ago ourselves. Interestingly, we had a storm go through too with the campground sirens going off. We heard the sirens but could not understand what they were trying to say on the loudspeakers. Again, great post and enjoyable to read!


  2. We missed this spot last year when we came thro' Kentucky, but have heard and seen so much good about it since. We've got to go visit there!


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