Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quilts, Raspberries & a Sunset Walk

We’ve had a string of warm, sunny days this week, so we decided it would be a good day to pick raspberries.  Tom & I got home fairly early from work, so before we started dinner, we took a drive to the local raspberry farm.


The berries were plentiful and beautiful – and the 4 of us picked 6 quarts in under an hour – and ate quite a few, too!  Delicious!

Home from the berry farm, we grilled up some boneless chicken thighs and boiled some corn for dinner.  Tom and I decided to go for a quick walk before the “Big Bang Theory” season premiere, and I managed to catch a beautiful sunset in the backyard.


So, what else have we been doing lately?  Well, not camping . . . we caught up on some long-overdue cleaning around the house, and I got some sewing done.  My niece, Katy, had her baby a couple of weeks ago,


Jaxon Ryker – isn’t he adorable!!??!!

so I quickly finished up the quilt I had made for him,


and found a cute little outfit to go with it,


and shipped it off to them.  They live in south Carolina, so we haven’t seen the little guy in person yet, but hopefully they’ll make it up here at Christmas.

My other finished project was one that’s been hanging around since spring, waiting to be finished,


and now it’s finally on my bed!  Looks good!


  1. nice work on getting all your 'chores' done!..very nice job on the quilts!!!


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