Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I now officially have TWO teenage sons!  Bryce celebrated his birthday this weekend – he’s now 13!  I can hardly believe it – it seems like just yesterday he was such a cute little boy!


OK, I guess he’s still cute . . .

Grandma came up to spend the weekend with us, and when the rain finally stopped on Friday we went to the apple orchard to pick some apples and get doughnuts and cider.

Marci and Mom

We had to bundle up pretty good for apple picking – it was COLD!!

Bryce's pumpkin

Bryce checked out the pumpkin patch while we waited for the tractor!

The three cousins all have birthdays this week (Bryce & Kathleen are both 13, and Joe is 9) so we all got together for dinner on Saturday.

Birthday Kids_1

Looks like we’ve got some division in the family (U of M –vs- MI State)!

Dinner was calzones and salad, followed by a yummy DQ cake!

Birthday Kids_2

Bryce’s theme for birthday gifts this year was Michigan State Spartans . . . he got new T-shirts, pajamas, a sweatshirt and hat . . . and even a custom-made cornhole game!


My brother built the boards for my Mom, and I found a lady near my Mom’s house who makes the bags, and picked them up for her.  Bryce couldn’t wait to start playing –this is his #1 present!


With warm & sunny weather on the way this week, we’re going to get plenty of playing time in!  Speaking of nice weather, it looks like we’ll be able to get in one more weekend of camping before we winterize the RV.  This weekend we’re heading back to Silver Lake for another trip to the sand dunes – can’t wait!

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