Friday, October 7, 2011

Indian Summer?

When the weather turned so cold last weekend, we thought we might be winterizing the RV without getting in another trip, but we live in Michigan . . . and you never know what the weather is going to do!  With temperatures in the 80s being predicted for the weekend, we decided to take advantage of it!  Tom & I took a vacation day today, and I gave the kids the day off school, and we were packed up and on the road to Silver Lake by 9:30am.


We quickly set up and had some lunch, and then took a bike ride into town to see what was going on.  It certainly is different than when we were here on Memorial Day weekend!  It was really quiet in town, with most of the shops closed-- even the ATV and Dune Buggy rental shops!  The Jellystone Park was open, and part of the state park, but the other RV parks were all closed for the season already.  With the looks of the RV park we’re in (nearly fully this weekend!), I think the other parks are missing out on some $$!

We rode down to the state park, and enjoyed some of the beautiful fall colors.


Tom and Bryce take a rest on a park bench


Nicolas rides along the lakeshore


From the state park, we went back through town and out towards the ORV area at the sand dunes.  It was definitely quieter out there today, but there were still quite a few folks out there with their ATVs, Dune Buggies and trucks.




We walked around for awhile, and watched several ORVs come off the dunes.


With the cooler temperatures, light traffic, and beautiful fall colors, this had to be a great day to be on the dunes! 

We left the ORV area then, and decided to take a different way back to the RV Park.  We thought it might be shorter, but turned out to be a LOT longer – and we went several miles out of our way!  Oh well, it was a great day for a bike ride . . . and we eventually made it back!  along the way, we passed this cute Body Shop.


Tom decided to stop in and check it out, and we were surprised to find what almost looked like an automotive memorabilia museum – complete with a few local guys hanging out enjoying the afternoon!


They do work on old cars, too!



Out front were a couple of vintage gas pumps, complete with a vintage motorcycle and truck!



Back at the RV Park, Bryce and Tom played cornhole while I got dinner ready.


As it cooled off and the sun began to set, we got a fire going and enjoyed the summer-like evening.  Tomorrow will be another full day, I’m sure!

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