Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July on the lake

Our friends that we’re here at Silver Creek with have a boat this year, and when they proposed a trip to Pentwater Lake on July 4th, we were glad to join them.  We all made the 11 mile drive to Pentwater, and launched the boat at the Pentwater Municipal Boat Launch.

Pentwater Lake-008


After a quick trip around the lake to check it out, the kids were ready for some tubing.

tubing_Bryce and Brendan

Bryce and Brendan went first, and Jeff gave them a wild ride around the lake!

tubing_Bryce and Brendan-016

They hung on for quite a while, with Bryce getting the roughest ride since he was on the outside tube.  Eventually the wake got the best of him, and Bryce flipped!

tubing_Bryce and Brendan-024

tubing_Bryce and Brendan-019

On that 2nd fall, he almost took out Brendan with his tube!  After a couple of falls, it was Brendan’s turn to get the action, so they switched tubes, and took off again!

tubing_Bryce and Brendan-028

There were a couple of close calls where the tubes were bouncing off each other, but Brendan managed to hang on!

tubing_Bryce and Brendan-043

Eventually though, his Dad managed to dump him in the water, too!

tubing_Bryce and Brendan-059

Next up was Nick, with Brendan’s sister, Jamie.  They jumped in the water, and were ready to go!

tubing_Nick and Jamie-004

Nick took the more aggressive outside tube, so he saw more of the action,

tubing_Nick and Jamie-009

but that left Jamie on the less aggressive, but also less inflated tube . . . and the poor girl was getting water in her face for most of the ride!

tubing_Nick and Jamie-023

I think she was having fun regardless of the water in her face!

tubing_Nick and Jamie-016

When the kids were finished with tubing, we cruised through Pentwater Lake, checking out the various houses and boats,

Pentwater Lake-001

like the Pentwater Junior Sailing School,

Pentwater Lake-013

and some more experienced sailors,

Lake Michigan

before making our way out the channel to Lake Michigan.  It looked calm enough from here (according to the morning news, the Lake was going to be calm, with waves under 1 foot.),

Lake Michigan-002

but it was a little choppy right there at the end of the channel!  Check out that 4th of July beach crowd – this is the beach at Mears State Park!

We got out a little further, and away from the crowds at the beach, and the water calmed down a little. 

Lake Michigan-007

We even saw some brave souls on little sailboats! 

Just a short way down the shoreline, we found a spot to anchor the boat offshore, where we could do some swimming in the cool, clear water.  We spent about an hour swimming and relaxing, and then loaded everybody back up in the boat and headed back to the launch. 

Back at the campground, it was REALLY HOT, and made us appreciate even more how refreshing it had been out on the water!  Thanks, Jeff & Karen, for a great 4th of July on the lake!


  1. What great action shots!!! Looks like they had a blast!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. That looks like so much fun. I would love to try it one day. Good luck with the house sale. My fingers are crossed for you.

    Vicky and Ira


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