Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rolling Sculptures, Wildlife and Hot Weather

Since returning from Silver Lake Sand Dunes, we’ve spent the past couple of weeks here at home, enjoying some of the local summer activities.

One of the boys’ favorites was the Rolling Sculpture Car Show in downtown Ann Arbor.


We saw lots of interesting old cars,


and trucks.


Mustangs were very popular,



and Corvettes, too.


Then there were some cars that we couldn’t quite figure out – I guess this one was technically more of a piece of art, than a car!


After all that walking around, it was time for some ice cream to cool us off.  We headed down to Washtenaw Dairy, and joined the huge crowd gathered around, waiting in line for cones.


I don’t think this little guy got an ice cream cone!


We got ours, though, and enjoyed them before walking back up to the car show to look around some more!


Last week, the cars were replaced by artists’ booths for the annual Ann Arbor Summer Art Fairs.  This is a huge 4-day event that takes over much of the downtown area and draws people from all over the state, and even outside the state!  Bryce and I walked around for a few hours, although it didn’t do much to increase his appreciation for art!

Nicolas has been picking up quite a few odd jobs around the neighborhood – lawn care and construction – and it’s adding nicely to his “car fund”, but he took Friday off to go to Dearborn with Uncle Joe for the Ford Employee Car Show at the Design Center.  He had a good time, and especially enjoyed the ride down there & back in Uncle Joe’s ‘67 Cougar!

Around the house, there hasn’t been too much going on, other than a Realtor Open House last week.  Patrick put on a huge luncheon for all his fellow realtors, and had a pretty good turnout.  Now hopefully at least one of them will have a client looking for our type of house! 

We’ve had lots of wildlife roaming around lately – a family of wild turkeys,


and several bucks, who spent quite a bit of time just “hanging around” in our front yard!


As you can probably tell in the pictures, we’re still experiencing excessively high temperatures and a severe lack of rain around here, so we do whatever we can to keep cool.  Poor Casey isn’t allowed in the house anymore, so no A/C for her, so we’ve been filling her pool quite a bit so she can play in the water to keep cool!


After these couple of weeks at home, we’re ready for another camping trip, so tomorrow we’re heading out again . . . more from the campground later!

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