Friday, August 24, 2012

After three long years . . .

After about 7 weeks on the market, and just a few showings, we were starting to think we were going to spend another winter in Michigan.  Then, out of the blue, we had a showing . . . quickly followed by an offer!
After some negotiating back & forth, we arrived at an agreement, and established a closing date at the end of August – just 3 weeks from the day of the original offer!!  We had said we could move quickly, but WOW!  We’re going to be really busy!
First step was to get all of Patrick and Jim’s furniture, artwork, and “decorations” taken out and back to their rightful owners – that took a full day all by itself, not to mention a couple of really full trucks! 
Soon our house was looking pretty bare . . .
with all the greenery gone, and nothing on the walls!
Next step was to figure out what we wanted to take with us in the RV, and then to sort the rest between “estate sale”, “donate”, “recycling” and “trash”.
Bryce may look like he’s moving out, but he’s really just getting ready for the estate sale! 
We made great use of craigslist, and little by little, our furniture was moving on to new homes.
There goes our kitchen table, and the boys’ futon, and some end tables and a rug . . .
the sectional and recliner and cedar bench found a new home, too . . .
even my desk moved out . . . where will I work now??!!
Getting ready for the estate sale meant several days of emptying cabinets and closets . . .
I thought I was doing pretty well until the boys brought back everything that we had stuck in the barn just to get it out of the way when we were “redecorating”!
The estate sale went pretty well, and we made a good dent in all the “stuff” . . . after that long & exhausting couple of days, we had a little celebration with our realtors . . .
and resorted to eating in the garage because there was no furniture left in the house!! LOL
This week was all about donating, and we made trips to Kiwanis and the Salvation Army . . . and gave stuff to pretty much anybody who stopped by our house!  In the midst of all that, we were working on the short list of items that the buyer wanted fixed based on the inspection . . . nothing major, but it did eat into our time somewhat!
Yesterday, while Bryce was at baseball practice, I visited Haas Lake Campground, where we plan to stay for a few weeks while we settle into the RV.  I wanted to drive around to check out the sites and their wifi, and while I was there I ran into some old friends.  We had met Roger & Joyce at Thunder Bay at the informal RV Dreams gathering, and now we’ll be spending a month parked next to them at Haas Lake!
There are just a few pieces of furniture left to sell, and it sounds like several of them will be gone by the weekend!  We decided that we all needed a break, and headed to Cedar Point for a couple days of rest, relaxation and roller coasters!  When we get home on Friday, we’ll have just one week until our closing, so that will be crunch time . . . but at least we’ll be re-energized!
The internet at Cedar Point left a bit to be desired, so I was never able to get this posted, but we’re home now, and it was nice to only have to take the laundry out of the RV!  Over the next few days we’ll be moving the rest of our stuff into the RV, and emptying the house . . . and by noon next Friday we’ll be homeless!!


  1. Congratulations to all of you at finally being able to realize your dream of life on the road, from both Kathy and I.

    Say hello to Roger and Joyce for us. We met them up at Thunder Bay as well. Maybe after the New Year we'll be able to meet up some time on the road.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I appreciate your courage to follow your dream. Enjoy yourself once you settle into your new lifestyle.

  3. Congratulations! We hope to see you out here on the road one day!

  4. Congratulations! We look forward to meeting up with you somewhere along the road!

  5. Congratulations! This life is great! We become homeless about 15 months ago,although it was just the two of us - we've adapted quite well. We also retired in the last year so things have really been a blurr! Enjoy your new lifestyle and maybe meet down the road someday.

  6. Congratulations! Were so happy to hear your good news. Three months for us now and absolutely no regrets. Good idea taking those two weeks nearby to settle in to the RV.

  7. Congratulations! Now you can get out of all that snow! Hope to meet up down the road.

    1. Sounds pretty dangerous territory...think we will stay away from security jobs.

  8. You SOLD IT?????? I would have come up and got it if you would have told me. Don Jr.


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