Friday, August 3, 2012

August already???



We got a late start to our summer, and now it’s already time to start thinking about back-to-school, fall baseball, and planning our final camping trips of the year.  I can’t believe it’s almost here!

The boys are pretty much all set for school . . .



I just have to finalize Bryce’s foreign language, and help Nicolas find an elective.  We’re considering a course at Washtenaw Community College, but need to decide pretty quickly, and if he does take it, that locks us into staying local through December . . . even if (when!) the house sells . . . so that’s an additional factor to consider.  They both start their English classes before Labor Day, and Nicolas wants to get started early on Physics (since he didn’t finish Chemistry until July 1st this past year!), but other than that, we’ll probably wait until after the holiday weekend.

We’re still trying to decide where to go for the holiday weekend . . . should we go back to Silver Lake, or somewhere new . . . and trying to fit in another trip somewhere else, too.  The kids still want to go to Cedar Point again, but we’re not sure . . . now that I signed Bryce up for fall baseball (which starts the week after next), I need to see his schedule before I make any camping plans.


Tom called Newmar this week to schedule a service appointment, and the earliest we could get in the 2nd week of October.  Our convection microwave gave us the dreaded, mysterious F-5 error while we were baking cookies on our 1st trip this year.  We were able to clear it by turning off the circuit breaker for a few minutes, but got it again on this last trip and it wouldn’t reset.  I can’t even set the clock on the microwave anymore!  We also have a leak in our shower grey tank (when it gets full), which has already been replaced once before, so we need to have that looked at, too.  I guess we’ll see how the extended warranty works out.

We’ll probably plan on spending the whole week in Indiana, and hopefully get to spend a day or two in Shipshewana after our service work is complete.  Then . . . maybe I’ll even get to go on a quilt shop bus tour with my sisters!!


Of course, if Patrick finds a buyer for our house, all our plans could change . . . and I wouldn’t mind one bit!!  July has been pretty much a dud, but hopefully things will pick up now in August.


Waiting for a new family to move in!!

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  1. Yes, summer sure went fast!

    House sales are up in Wisconsin, ours sold in 30 days, our neighbor in 21 days, and our friend's in 1 week! Lots of money out there to be had at low interest rates if they are good qualified buyers with good credit.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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